Writing Practice – Character Building Using Real Life, Well Known People

By writing practice, I don’t mean fucking repeating or copypasting Wikipedia or other online sources. You have to have your own spin on things and maybe you might get inspired for a new story. I am using writing practice to create and run through some cool ideas. Things like opposites, tropes, exaggerations…these are all great starting points for writing.

Here some ideas I found useful when selecting a family or individuals for my writing practice:

  • “Royal” Families
  • Celebrities
  • Models
  • Political Families (contemporary seem to be a bit better)
  • Old Money Families
  • New Money Families
  • Ancient History Individuals – I have researched Roman and Greek families/individuals (not overly because I am not a huge history buff) and found some interesting stuff.
  • Religious Families and/or individuals

You don’t have to go with a whole family, like I mentioned above, you can also have an individual from that family – pick and choose/play around with.