Recently there has been some really bad news in the real world.

I feel very heartbroken and devastated for my poor, dear significant other. He is a very strong, good orientated person and seeing him sad makes me sad too. There isn’t much to fix or do when you have a loss or think there will be an imminent loss of a close family member (or even a friend)on the cards.

I know the person – only for a short time. But I try to keep things positive and everyone in present tense; knowing the person involved makes me so so so sad. Especially good people with good, interesting lives.

There are only so many websites you can research, things to say or do (and I am not making this about myself).  Sending internationally based family members a box of flowers, and not being able to get there is the real killer for SO.  Uncertainties about the circumstances are also very stressful for the family members. Grief, depression, anger and sadness affect people in different ways.  Not knowing everything, and helping/fixing the problem isn’t right. </3