Elle’s Health Kick March-April-May 2017 Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a health kick update!

Apart from a really heavy workload (I actually prefer being kept busy versus twiddling my fucking fingers because I work with a few work hogs) – I have been really good at sticking to my diet.

If I have to give a percentage of effort/success I would say 80-90%. Things are going well for myself and for SO.

While I don’t gym anymore (too busy/too poor/budgeting for other things right now) – I do make an effort to stringently eat a restrictive (healthier diet) and do more long distance walking.

In terms of diet, a co-worker of mine has helped me get onto a vegetarian-heavy (almost vegan) based diet.

I am intending on doing this to cut down meat eating rather than going full hog into veganism. Most vegans are assholes and the food costs are too expensive. I also can’t justify binning perfectly edible foods because they aren’t vegan.  At the moment, our cupboards and filled with beans and legumes, limited junk food, juices and I love Japanese miso soup. I know it’s salty but I only have one of these about 1-2 times a week instead of gorging on junk at work.

Speaking of junk food, which I have an infamous love of, it is still around…but not the extent it was before. When I am stressed or on my period – I get really hungry for junk food.

With undertaking this veggie diet, I have lost a majority of the relationship gut (which started the health kick journey for me) and I look less bloated in general. I have lost more cms in areas – I eventually hope to lose weight around the parts that carry lots of fat for me. I never used to be fat and I was relatively good with my diet (sans junk food).

I will also intend on sticking to 4-5 days vegetable diet (with 1-2 days either “cheat days” or even having meat days). Wedding or no wedding, I enjoy the diet and like going back to what I previously ate.

Another thing I have cut out of my diet, and have been much before off for removing, is caffeinated drinks. While most people NEED these drinks to function – I can’t do it with coffee or tea. The taste isn’t right and I have always hated soft drinks unless I was sick (flat lemonade works a treat for hangovers 🙂 ) I drink organic and decaffeinated beverages with a giant water bottle of 2L a day. I tried a “normal” tea and coffee and my head was pounding upon drinking. It goes to show what the body does, when it has something it doesn’t agree with!

I have also stuck to my guns about banning alcohol and at the most, drink it 2-3 times a month now. I would like this reduced unless it’s going out cocktails. Elle loves her cocktails ❤

I do also have days when the diet is fucked up. I don’t get angry. I reset the next day.

So tonight, eating a pasta laden meal was a huge mistake before bed. My stomach is upset and I feel bloated! Normally I would avoid eaten multiple servings but my all vegetable/vegan lunch wasn’t very filling today. Usually I am a bit more patient but I also crave winter/autumn foods (which I cook) from time to time. At least this time I am craving things like vegetables rather than craving junk food all the time!

I feel like going to the gym right now, is going to be a waste of my time and money. My heart isn’t in gymming right now and I have a whole bunch of deadlines to meet before the wedding. Since I have no one to cover my work; I am trying to be on top of EVERYTHING to make sure that I have minimal bullshit (with work stuff) on my return! I don’t mind going for a walk around my workplace or doing more walking around the casa. Sometimes I even go when the weather, which isn’t autumn yet (we are having a weird autumn/summer season), is overcast or looks dark. I change things up very regularly for my own peace of mind.

In addition to being time poor, SO and I have both agreed we want to go back to meal prepping again.

With the wedding coming up and basically taking a lot of money/attention away from everyday stuff; we both want to remain focused on our goals and I also don’t want to be fat (or look horrible in wedding pictures). I know SO feels the same way…I have always intended on my health kick being a change of lifestyle. Anyone could do this for the wedding – but actually sticking to this for years to come is going to be a challenge. I am hoping to keep up the good work!