Legal Stuff At Fort Asshole

With networking and job referees, you never know who will help you (like getting my current job) and how you will be expected to help in return.

So when I got called…I was a bit skeeved by the story I was told. I don’t MIND helping someone out – but I hope for my own sanity and professional career, I am not going to be dragged into a messy story. Witness stuff I can help with…it helps when you’re a together person who had their dates and incident stories correct.

Considering I hadn’t heard from any individuals, by choice from the unholy fort, I was really surprised my referee called up. Under no circumstances was I going to volunteer going to the unholy fort OR provide any more fuel to this demonic workplace by wasting my work time (in my new job – away from these crazy mother fuckers) with constant calling or letting them think i cared about them.

I ended up helping; doing so by writing a lengthy legal document outlining (with evidence) – after multiple Animal Farm references that’s it for me. Finished. I’ve made peace with that environment and won’t look back. Apparently the “normal” cowards who didn’t hate me (not that showed up or gave me any emotional support) thought I was done dirty (the way I was let go/fired).  Too little too late. Where was that support when it was needed? Or when someone needed help against a clique of old fucking hags?

Rehashing the fucking shit that I was put through was mentally tough. Like when thinking about not being paid correctly, legally being allowed to take breaks or even when I was being screamed at all the time… I am of the opinion if it is ALLLL included in writing – then I won’t be bothered later on. It’s legal. It’s signed. You don’t need to bother me anymore.

Although, as the title suggests, lawyers got involved – I hope I don’t need to go to court because the unholy fort with bitter hags tormented another employee.