Talking More at Work – Taking SO’s Advice About My Work Environment

After the “you’re extremely introverted” fight – SO wanted to share some tips with me about “another work situation”. He said if I personalised/humanised myself a bit – then maybe (bullshit aside) I may notice some small differences in how I get treated.In the office and meetings…where dominant personalities try to dictate what’s what to me (and I fucking [silently] hate it).

In a mass team meeting I decided to talk about officially graduating as a postgraduate (it took 7 months to get the paperwork all confirmed and officially be stamped off as a postgrad person with papers!) and how I was going to go and attend my graduation ceremony in a few months (after the wedding). When I announced the news,  I wanted to be the attention for once, it was like a pin had dropped. Some people had flapped their mouths open in shock and a few clapped.

Outside of bullshit team meetings (where you are forced to discuss yourself publicly and listen to the boss’ favourite workers get offered training and higher duties for better pay) I have tried to be more vocal on my work/opinion. I don’t like meeting about meeting – or being lumped with someone who can’t do their own workload properly, yet alone mine. Gr…. I had to say, without throwing anyone under the bus, my standards (as I am very work proud) are not being met (when this person was emailing me instead of talking to me about basic stuff – like how to filter an excel document…like wtf you fuckwit). My attitude and I very strongly said this “I never ask people to do, what I wouldn’t do myself.” SO said that was very classy and not aggressive.

What about any differences….in treatment at least?  As I work in a large office, I am seated with a mix of teams. Unfortunately between the B Team and the Peacock Coffee Clique members. It’s like being gossip girl alllllllllll fucking day long listening to those morons gossip about other workers.  Have I been invited to lunches by any clique? Fuck no. They walk right past me in the morning and go call out to people for social events and coffee rounds. They can shove their coffee up their ass. I get my own from the work kitchen AND I don’t  have to wait for the queue. Works out perfect.

Due to the original conditions of getting my job; people openly told me (as I was only hired for Christmas) that they were surprised I was there….and nothing else. No introducing themselves or trying to include me in social conversations. At all.  I can report the ONLY improvement that revealing my postgraduate status has provided – the person Whinger who previously spoke to me in third person and HC Boss – have actually responded to me when I say GOOD MORNING or GOOD EVENING. I am happy with that. Being recognised verbally as someone who works in your office is acceptable and what normal teams do.

I don’t fucking ask for much…especially when I am there for nearly 10 hours of my day with these people. It doesn’t have to be friendship but acknowledging me as  GREAT worker and also recognizing I am clearly not an idiot.