Being socially excluded from work functions

I was working in my office today. Not doing ANYTHING to ANYONE but my current workload.  And in the afternoon, in walks Grapevine and their father in law, were running around telling people about a work function.  How exciting it will behow it’s going to be this Fridaywho they want to come…Grapevine emphasizing that it’s their father in law so they are “forced” into going…. I happen to be sitting there, in my office, when these people walk around telling people about the event.

Not even once was I acknowledged as they went to different parts of the small office to tell people about it.  I can read between the lines and know I wasn’t welcome.  It’s not like I am “banned” with pitchforks or gated fences from going to the event; but it wasn’t publicly broadcast that I would be welcome. Oh and the rest of my team already know about the event.

Funny thing is, knowing how lousy the work I work with is, not many people actually want to go. It’s like a formal dress up event – and I would rather spend my Friday afternoon being with people I actually like or doing things I actually like.

I’m not upset at all. I find it absolutely rude and classless. Grapevine’s Father in Law (the relative who helped Grapevine get the job) is an old ass adult and it’s petty. Who walks up to a few people, “drumming up support” for their social events, and deliberately excluding others isn’t cool.

It’s no sudden surprise to me though. From Day One this sort of bullshit happened. There were no invites for lunch, no one wanted to talk to me on a personal level and anyone who did talk to me – it always because they wanted something. I don’t go running around telling people about my problems or how much I hate cliques. For those rare people I converse with (outside of work topics) its nice being able to talk to someone who shares similar interests to me. Even then, Grapevine had been sending me text messages on my phone about how X person (whom I happen to discuss COOKING with) is a big mouth because Y who sits behind me said so… like…what kind of fucking immature fuckwits was I supposed to deal with? I said to an office associate that I just didn’t want to be involved in Grapevine’s gossiping and said as a GENERAL characteristic, I don’t like gossips in the workplace because it’s counterproductive and not positive. Plus as we all know on the blog; the psychos from my last workplace were in a clique too.

It’s pretty deliberate and obvious that I am excluded from attending; otherwise someone would have brought it to my attention. I still wouldn’t have gone because I don’t associate with self-centred assholes during my time off. I also can’t go running around about the matter like this is high school. This is a grown ass adult workplace. Clearly the Peacock Coffee Clique never left high school but telling anyone to shove their social events up their ass isn’t on either. I am trying to be the bigger person and take the high road.

I have an approach (which they apparently separately studied at Harvard that people who are excluded from work should) think about the financial benefits of their job. Apparently the reasoning behind this is safety – as in like caveman needing clubs to survive in the wilds – people now days need money to survive.

Whenever I get annoyed, I think about payday and how many hours of work got me xyz perk. It’s not ideal to drain the emotional side of me (in general not just work) but I find it easier, and like the study said, more reassuring but removing cliques out of the picture.

At the end of the day, if they aren’t interested in inviting me, I’m not going to sit there and have an emotional breakdown over it. I will just be hanging out with SO and probably enjoying cocktails away from those cunty cliques.