Petty Designer Store Lies

The designer store lied to me and I am moderately pissed off. One thing I absolutely hate in my daily life is fucking liars and people who treat others like shit.

I wanted a product in March – I get the rudest email about it – and what basically feels like a lecture. I happen to be at the store this week, big first world problem ever, and lo and behold. The product is sitting there on the racks. A few things went through my mind. The first one was confusion (oh you look familiar dress). The second one was WTF is this dress doing here? And finally when I saw the liar…rage. I thought I could also smell burning pants.


Actually it was multiple products I wanted but I wasn’t going to fucking blow my head off because I couldn’t have one dress. I wanted it for wedding events…and the store has all these special rules about the outfits that actually make the racks. They only do outfits under $1000 and they can’t be in the atelier collection (I love the atelier stuff but obviously can’t afford it…so going to ready to wear is the next best thing for me). It is rare to get the ready to wear dresses in my size – they only cater to stick insects on a good day.  For those who know me, and I don’t mean cunty assholes in my daily environment, I genuinely love fashion.

I have NEVER heard of a store lying to a customer about not having any of the products in store. I am legit mad about that. I don’t retaliate, be openly nasty to people for no reason or do anything to anyone – unless they do things to me. Instead of getting all angry about the biggest first world problem; I left a nicely worded email to that store….what else do I say? You’re all a pack of cunty liars.

SO said they aren’t my friends and not to feel angry (I also ended up with a much better product!) I agree. I just hate liars and the pettiness behind lying over a fucking outfit.

Calling me fat and using my personal details for your commission was disgusting. So I filed a complaint. Being rude to me when I correctly call you out on your customer bullshit. Lying about the designer shop products was low. Being all suck up to my face and unhelpful – meh, it was rude but I am angrier about the lying part now.

Ironically, the shop has been doing badly and droves of people have been getting on social media complaining. When your shop is EMPTY (as in barely any shoppers) I wouldn’t be making rude comments to your only customer. I guess the store will only take it seriously when stocks fall and people start financially suffering.

When I had told my associates about the whole fat-shaming and rude customer service in the designer store (they happen to work there) they were appalled. To be fair, it’s only the designer clothing area which has been consistently rude. Another thing I was told was apparently I was a talking point because I had involvement in someone being demoted or fired. Even, I was surprised that the fat shamer was gone. There were obvious bits of evidence about the harassment on my private phone and the fat comments…but wow… I have never actually seen a store act on that instead of just giving lip service.

^ Because I clearly look for faults with bitchy sales assistants on a daily basis.

First of all, this person (from the people I know) had a history of being a bully to customers. When I told customer service of the store about the fat and poor comments; they told me the woman had a history of doing it to other customers.

So I may have been the final complaint which got her barred from working with customers (apparently the sales assistant was abusive to many customers) and now has to work out the back – but how the fuck is that my fault? From what I heard, the rumours about the rude sales assistant, meant she wasn’t very popular in the store. So with the poor treatment and fucking lying to me about products, those staff members don’t have the right to say shit about me or say I got someone fired. Or call me any names/bad mouth me. Ever.

I feel slightly violated that people can think they can get away with saying that sort of shit. Like first you use my personal information and then you’re saying shit about me? I don’t think I actually want to know about the bad mouthing  (about me) in hindsight.

I don’t give a fuck what is/was said – but if I catch you openly lying to me…watch out. This motivate me to shop more there (to annoy you) and I know you bitchy sales girls get discounts not commissions.

I don’t feel any satisfaction out of pointing out the lies. In fact, I feel ashamed of being petty sometimes.