Stupid Questions at Work!

Recently, I’ve had to handball some of my work to another person. So while, I’m SUPPOSED to be at meetings and leaving my work in the “good hands” of another coworker… I am finding my workload being continually slowed down by someone who thinks they know better than me about the work I do. This person just constantly wastes my time asking dumb questions and questioning why things are done in a particular way.

Every time this coworker send me an email..I feel angry on the inside (but can’t show it).

Instead of actually doing what they were told – they completely fucked up the way I do things and it means I have to go back and waste time correcting things. Then I get a trail of emails, despite telling this person to see me in person, about questioning everything and STILL not doing the work.

I get shit like – and this shit isn’t coming from an older co-worker who hates computers – this lazy bullshit is coming out of the mouth of someone closer to me in age:

  • “How do I filter excel documents?”
  • “How do I know there’s a recent file on the computer?”
  • “How do I find things in an excel document?”
  • “Why are you filing this [document]?”

These are a small amount of the stupid questions I get asked.  Did this person not check online or have a look at the computer help page before asking me to do rudimentary excel work? The fucking bullshit part about this dummy is they earn more than me and do less work.

The person has no bearing on my everyday work; they apparently finished all of their work (probably did the work quickly and/or fucked it up along the way). I don’t want to be ‘reporting’ this person to my boss (apart from the fact HC Boss is a jerk and doesn’t do anything with my work) because I am no snitch. However, I spent hours fixing up and checking things that should have been filed correctly.

It has been suggested, that the person is doing the work for me, might  be doing a shit job/asking me shit questions because they are associated with the Peacock Coffee Clique AND/OR they didn’t want to do the work I gave them.

I get so angry when people want to be the boss but can’t do the lackey work properly. It wasn’t hard work that I wasn’t able to do myself. It was required work the higher ups wanted done. Now I have a limited amount of time to deal with the fucking mess. Yikes…