The Rude Coworkers & Peacock Coffee Clique

I have been telling people, from day one, that the co-workers I work with are RUDE. I have blogged a few things about the cliquey workplace nature of my workplace… I hate cliques. Not being included by some co-workers is like the equivalent of being bullied in high school and excluded from events.


For me, I want to have reliable, professional and GENINUE workplace relationships – I want to be able to make sure:

  1. I am able to work with a person/people who are gossips and two faced or only act nice to me when they want something (Peacock Coffee Clique)
  2. I don’t have to “watch” myself with what I do/say (when a member of the Peacock Coffee clique was TEXTING Grapevine while I was sitting at my desk – because I was talking to someone the clique “deemed” a gossip – ironic really. And the man who was texting Grapevine wouldn’t talk to me but was being all false and slimy to my face when they were saying really obnoxious things in text message. Like you have a job. It’s not watching me or what I do).
  3. I don’t want to be thrown under the bus when people in my working environment fuck up (case and point – Parrot and Grapevine when they can’t find their work and repeatedly blamed me or didn’t teach me that part of the job)

I am not tarring every one of my co-workers with the same brush. There are a few co-workers that are nice individuals who can be pleasant conversation people. I tell those people that I don’t want to hear about workplace dramas and who causes trouble – I don’t like gossips and I keep away from them with a ten foot pole.

The only time you would be “catching” me “gossiping” is when I am asked about my work/who I work with – and the only TIME I was really angry was when HC Boss and his team were disrespecting me and talking to me in an “idiot way”. I am ‘allowed’ to have an off day once. I don’t get angry or say anything to anyone on a repeat basis about my workplace feelings.

^ Then there are others like the fucking Peacock Coffee Clique who think their shit doesn’t stink and strut around the workplace like cocky peacocks.


^ I think Heathers might also be another good analogy.

I think the clique was noticeable from day one – they are ALL younger workers who work in the same team/area. When I first sat down, on my first day, I had one of the clique members literally lean over me – without speaking a word to me – and use my phone over me (with the cord wrapped around both of us) AND use my phone for a good 30 minutes. Maybe if they had spoken to me like a human being and not treated me like shit – I would have time for them.

When I eventually got promoted, I was moved to a different office. The office I work in – not once has anyone (also a few members of the Peacock Coffee Clique) bothered to introduce themselves to me. So, after several months, I have never been formally introduced to these people or know their names. After a month or so – the first time the office mates deigned to talk to me was to ask me if I was getting them stationery. Like I was their secretary. How rude do you get?

With older co-workers, especially older men, they usually don’t really (in my workplace experiences – I AM NOT SAYING THIS FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE I HAVE WORKED WITH SOME GREAT OLDER MALE WORKERS) include or treat younger women as equals. Every single office I’ve worked in – they see people like me as getting them coffee or their lunch. It’s not my job…but I digress.  These are people close in age to me – treating me like absolutely shit.  Like if you’re going to ask me for workplace shit (like apparently I’m their secretary – I’m not a secretary, I don’t work as a secretary and have never worked as a secretary for them) – the LEAST you can do is offer your name BEFORE you start demanding shit. For the record, I politely told the officemate that they would have to get their own products.

One of the morning rituals the clique also has is strutting around the office (with their fellow peacocks) and going in a giant group for coffee. Not once was I ever asked about the coffee run.

Grapevine is one of the key “coffee round”instigators and considering I previously did Grapevine’s job (and they made training them as difficult as possible – oh and omitted a few things about their professional working relationship with their in law boss) – it’s like they are threatened by me because I don’t want to be in part of a clique or my work ethic. I get promotions and excellent performance reviews – and Grapevine broke into my personal records to look at my performance talk. I cannot win or “be liked” by the clique – so at this stage, I don’t engage with them or be around them when they start the coffee round or gossip.

I am starting to realise I don’t need a fake steak to make friends, or to be social with other people (something I would like more of). Being around nasty people isn’t nice but controlling the environment I am in (by controlling my reactions and not rising to the things they do/say) will be better for me in the long run. Including more promotions.

I make my own traditions now and have my own coffee moment. I’m not wasting my money on coffees with fake ass people who act like a hive. It’s not like the Fat Lady Clique is any better. I don’t meet the membership or lunching requirements for that either. Like, I work directly with you – and not once do I ever get offered about lunch or if I want to go have a coffee with people.  It’s just rude.

I’m going to collect my pay and then I am going to work hard (either promoted again OR move on).