Meetings Galore- Why I am sick of Meeting about Meetings (and Meeting to Discuss One Thing at a  Time)


After ANZAC Day, it’s time to get back into the office (yay…) and have 2 or 3 meetings in one day. About the sameeeeeeeeeeee stuff over and over again. I feel like its groundhog day. When I start working for myself, rather than a variety of companies, I would probably feel more in my element (I hate working for other people – but I like good pay).

In my last meeting, someone repeatedly kept being misogynistic and talking over me. My boss isn’t happy this co-worker is a “work hog” and multiple attempts to get the co-worker to give up some of the workload (we are SUPPOSED to be sharing). I said multiple times in the meeting and privately to my boss – I am happy to help the co-worker as we are doing the project together. I say this to my co-worker and he doesn’t give two shits – he wants to do everything and I get sent shitty work (which to his acknowledgement I do very well). To be honest, I would rather watch this co-worker essentially “make themselves out to be what they are” (hogging work and seen not to be embracing me/my ideas). My boss has made the co-worker stop talking over me multiple times and I have to repeat myself/my line until the co-worker listens in meetings. Usually I get a rude, dismissive reply. Like I have qualifications – don’t think it’s being younger stopping me from being a good worker.

What also shits me off, because I’m quiet, my boss was trying to offload some of my work (which was on schedule) to another fucking useless co-worker. This co-worker completely fucked up my filing system on the computers and wasn’t capable of doing the workload given. I needed the files created so I could simply copy/paste my work (or the co-worker could do this) so we could find out if there were any missing links…nope wasn’t capable of doing it and complained about having a week and a half to do so.

For one week, when you told my boss you weren’t busy AND in-between your other works, you had to simply create electronic files for me (I did say I was happy to give you work I would do myself – so it’s no power tripping on my end) and explained the project in detail – when asked. Like, constantly questioning EVERYTHING and they aren’t in the team and have no qualifications matching MY experience and KNOWLEDGE. I know what I am doing – I just asked for you to do the work. Not question it. Again, I didn’t say this – I asked work hog to have a look at the workloads (and fair enough he told co-worker 2 to check the work assigned and do it properly).

I wasn’t rude, I gave clear instructions (I asked SO to have a look at my emails to see maybe if I wasn’t communicating right with my co-workers – considering I eat lunch alone and all) – SO said my emails seemed fine. This co-worker just comes across as only wanting specifically “fun” work and added extra hours of MY day – trying to make sure their fucking work is right.

Now I have to go tell my boss, that the fuckwit they’ve give me to “help” should go back to doing their own normal work. Probably not as rude and also acknowledging the work that was done. But fucking useless and stupid all the same. I just hope the boss didn’t get ideas over the ANZAC day to give this idiot (who isn’t in the team) more ideas. My boss at the end of the day, appears 100000 times better than working with HC Boss and his beloved B-Team.

I digress…If I have my way, and I am allowed to chair meetings in the future, I would:

  • Stick to one weekly meeting and ban everything else in between (between the same staff members)
  • Endorse the “Amazon Approach” where people have 5-10 (this can obviously be changed) minutes of “silent time” where they must review the agenda and minutes from the last meeting and come up with 3 (also can be fixed) mandate discussions which outline their job, what they are doing, any problems coming up – it would stop louder personalities from essentially “hijacking” the meeting
  • If someone doesn’t want to talk on the day (which is something my boss tries to force me to do – especially if I haven’t been utilised for that month) then don’t force them – however, if they are more comfortable not being ambushed in a meeting – they are probably more likely to talk and feel valued