Legal Stuff with Fort Asshole (Possible Workplace Bullying Lawsuit)

I was called upon to be a witness in a workplace bullying incident. Apparently I am the poster child of what happened (in that shit fucking workplace) and I had to provide a legal document outlining everything that happened to me – and also the HR complaint I filed a couple of years ago (and because the asshole boss was incriminated in the recommendations – which confirmed I had (duh) been TRUTHFUL the whole time – I got fired so they didn’t have to act on the bullying problem).

I didn’t have any problems providing a witness document because everything that happened was true.  When the person making the possible lawsuit read the documents – they were absolutely gobsmacked and said (if they hadn’t lived through the same crap as me) it would come across as fiction. But considering my HR complaint was confirmed as “a truthful complaint with merit (i.e. the bullies in the complaint actually got caught out)” I am now considered a credible witness with a whollllllllllllle lot of documentation to prove it.

You don’t piss someone off who knows your dirty shit and is happy to pass it on in these situations… just saying!

I also had to help that person because I couldn’t use any of the shit management for my reference (when I did interviews in 2016 – the interviewers kept asking me why I didn’t use xxxxxx as a reference because someone in that position would have been excellent for me).  I feel like that debt is now cleared – and I have done my good deed for that person.

Am I surprised there might now be a lawsuit pending? When I got the call, I was surprised (as it has nearly been ½ a year away from that socipathic shithole) and then I wasn’t surprised (knowing what kind of bullshit went on…and obviously didn’t change).

When I left that shithole, the first thing I did was speak to a lawyer; unfortunately with the way those sneaky motherfucking assholes do their contracts – none of the workers in my position had ANY rights. So you could work YEARS there and get no breaks (unless you take unpaid leave), no priority hours or roles (because the hags or the management favourites would fucking snake you or lie about not being able to do shit shifts).

The person who called me up about the legal stuff might be in a MUCH better position than me. I would like to help that person because of the referee thing but also because they may have a stronger chance at getting back at those who did me wrong. The whole constantly making up shit about me to get me in trouble or fucking  cliques.

To make an educated guess, the person who is doing this legal stuff will either…

  1. a) get offered a large sum of money as compensation for the bullshit
  2. b) promoted into a different area
  3. c) hopefully the fuckers who have been causing the shit will be permanently fired and/or demoted

I highly doubt (despite the fact the people involved need it) anyone would be fired – because when I filed my legitimate HR complaint (about the bullying I received) – people were saying oh XXXXXX is going to be fired or demoted. Never happened. People clearly don’t change in that workplace and that’s why it was so shit to work there. They are so cliquey, cunty and old – they are threatened by staff that could be retained (or simply not able to ass kiss the boss or be in the same racial clique as them). The racial clique played a big part in this legal stuff – and I’m not surprised. They would constantly have open lunches/parties in front of other staff and badmouth people WHILE SITTING IN FRONT OF THEM!  It was seriously fucked in the head bullshit.

I remember hearing racial comments about my skin colour (apparently my crime was being too pale). Because the crusty old cunt was the boss’ family friend – the hag could steal my lunch and say racially inappropriate comments without getting in trouble. I also remember getting quite angry when comments were made in front of me (to my face) by this woman about my SO’s ethnic background. I told her outright that she was out of line and making racial/ethnic assumptions about people and talking shit about things she had no clue about again. However, when someone made several racially inappropriate comments about the hag (it was the workplace bully) then complaints were filed quicker than you could say FUCK YOU.

Some people need a serious case of humble pie – because the shit that went on in Fort Asshole cannot and should not be legal or condoned!

I did not and do not want to be drawn back into this lawsuit (potential or otherwise). I hope the assholes who had a hand in my leaving the job are legally given their own heads on a golden platter. I hope not to have that shit in my environment (because getting away from Fort Asshole was the best thing I DID!) but I would like to hear the conclusion.

Bottoms up motherfuckers 🙂