Ant Invasion

We currently suffering an ant invasion and it is driving us (mainly SO) crazy.

I have previously blogged about SO’s hatred of Australian animals (which aren’t cute or cuddly). So this means snakes, sharks, spiders, bugs and ants.



Not acceptable.

Usually they don’t come out in autumn – but the weather in Australia has been absolutely weird! With really long summers and the house being mostly clean – we simply don’t know what is driving them to come stay at the Casa.

In my housing experiences, (and I would say the same for most of SO’s places) there haven’t been ant issues. You get the odd ant but that’s it.  I spent the last week buying up an ant killing arsenal because SO wants to rage “ant genocide” rather than “ant murders Godfather style”. So out we went with ant killa powder, eco ants spray and even bi carb soda so we weren’t poisoning ourselves with ant killing products. The angry little bastards keep coming back. SO has previously cleaned all the food out of the house – and they weren’t attracted to anything.

The ONLY things we can think of – and we have been racking our heads on this one – which COULD be the “ant source” are these:

  • Ants are attracted to the corpses of their fallen ant bastard comrades
  • Neighbours are filthy (and Neanderthals) who throw all sorts of shit around their property
  • There is a corpse of some kind in the house of some kind of animal
  • There is a leak of honey or some sauce that attracts ants
  • The ants have gotten into some kind of food hidden back in the kitchen