Familial Nemesis Banned Our Family from Attending her Wedding

On top of alllllllllll the pre-wedding drama that my family nemesis caused (and I am not referring to the copy cat wedding stuff because that’s non-issue) – I am about to start weddingate 2.0. I am not talking about having a couple of the same vendors for the wedding (I am NOT a copy cat) but inviting people whom she is in contact with – and the wedding will be public news (social media/would be told those family members are coming to see me).

The family the nemesis refused to allow to attend (the ones I actually communicate with) have been invited to my wedding and have finally confirmed their attendance.

Now whether this is all talk – I don’t know until the actual month/week/day of the wedding. I think there may be financial/other issues going on there which I’m not privy to. At the end of the day, the nemesis doesn’t “own” our shared family members and if you’re going to ban them – it’s good manners to invite the ones I actually get on with. I would prefer my private wedding to stay private though – unlike the nemesis I don’t broadcast my life on social media nor do it publicly with photographs for the Joneses.

Thinking it was weird that the only photos of the nemesis involved her groom’s family or her friends (not our shared family members) in a whole 450-500 wedding guest party – I asked my family members what the fuck. It turns out they were uninvited last minute – so the wedding was on the weekend and the family members were told on Tuesday or Wednesday they could only attend “certain parts of the wedding” (church not the reception). How long do you go? But the nemesis has always been a queen cunt who thought everyone who beneath her.

I reckon her behaviour is a big part in our shared family’s dealings with me. I don’t hear from them for periods of time (which is unfair on me and not normal). I have tried directly asking them if the nemesis has said something (who knows like social media spying for a very very very long time). Another part of it involves a family member who did some horrible things (abusive). I also think they treat the family abuser like their shit doesn’t stink. This person (not the nemesis) who has done wrong to me- is being treated like a god. Nothing this person does is wrong and they are untouchable…but it makes me think about how well this family relations stuff is – if they aren’t even invited to the rich little nemesis’ wedding.

Regardless of whom I married (or will marry) – if anyone EVER treated me that way again (nemesis threatened me years ago and used to come to my workplace – probably looking for free shit) I would tell them to stick their half a million dollar wedding.  I think I may be better off being “poorer” because money clearly doesn’t buy you class or give you family/friends.