Are Family Members Coming to the Wedding?

Apparently my father’s family members are now coming to my wedding. At this stage, I am OK with it but still prepared to be disappointed.

I decided to push for a final response. I have vendors and seat numbers to account for. I have wedding plans that are in critical planning stage and I don’t intend on pussyfooting around for any guest (whether it’s a family member on either side, a friend or an acquaintance attending the wedding).

The reason why I am annoyed is because I’ve been screwed around by them for the last few months when the issue is brought up. You either like me and come or stop lying to me (and things won’t be any different to previous years). I’m not going to be overly excited unless I physically see flight tickets or bus tickets confirming travel movements.

Another reason why there might be radio silenceThe issue of the familial nemesis and her wedding have apparently caused a fight and not a single shared family member was in attendance for her wedding. Or they wanted to spend their time focusing on her wedding and getting involved with that (even though they weren’t invited to that or her baby’s Christening). I am going to have some family members at my wedding and surely there would have to be some father side family members going to that wedding?  Which is weird and telling. At least I’m not a fake person and told that family – they come and I need the numbers or let me know in advance.

I don’t want drama queens/kings ruining plans or seating arrangements because there is some issue last minute. If SO has international family members who took the time to save and fly; then these fuckers can come too. Save for a few months if the wedding is that important or don’t waste my fucking time and embarrass me. I don’t think estrangement reunions or communication should be one sided…

Just honestly how I feel.