Wedding Decor

One thing that I’m a bit stressed out about is decorating the reception venue and the church.  I have been thinking more about organisational basic stuff – like what we are wearing, where I’m getting my hair/makeup done, coordinating my family and the bridesmaids, organising quotes from vendors.  I just don’t know where to start or who to get to help me for my vision and not forcing their input or making my ideas look cheap.

^ Online photographs and expectations

^ Cheap wedding/worst fears for decor

I like flowers and all that…but I don’t want to buy something to kill it. I don’t want to spend soooo much on decorations that will never be used again.  I don’t know what wedding furniture hire stuff and extra decor (like balloons or flowers) would really be needed since it’s a foodie reception.  I don’t want to have an entirely blank wedding though – I have a really specific image in my mind for the table set up (colourful).

What made me think about decorating was actually from a few weddings I had been looking at on social media. Particularly the ones plastered all over the internet of the Nemesis’ wedding from last weekend. After I saw the Familial Nemesis’ wedding it was making me think about my wedding (the more I’ve thought about it and spoke to another family member – I find it ridiculous and I’m not remotely jealous of spending the price of an entire house at my wedding).

For me, I don’t have the wedding budget of a small country – which is fine because we are practical people and the wedding hype gets people to buy buy buy – and maybe on things they shouldn’t really buy or remember it’s only one day.

SO would be so happy to hear how constrained I am about all this wedding stuff! 

As a side note, if I can pull off budget decor (buying necessary items or hiring them) AND making my wedding reception look great – I really should do something creative (or organisational) with my career because I don’t mind doing those sorts of things. I’d hate to deal with crazy bridezillas or demanding customers though!