Friday Lunches and Still Not Invited by the Cliques

I should point out from DAY ONE I have never been asked about myself or invited to lunch by ANYONE. Which is weird.

Today the fat lady clique went off and had an elaborate lunch outside the office – and they asked everyone in my work area except me. What am I? Invisible? It really feels less like a rhetorical question. Like I work in an office with LOTS of people (and lots of different cliques). I don’t want to sit around the office being a fat pig and eating junk food all afternoon….noooo…. I have done that in the past and I am smaller than most of the employees I work with (not in the office though….because Parrot is like a rake). But why would you not acknowledge my presence or ask me if I wanted to come. 

Maybe they wanted to talk about the boss or gossip. Maybe they simply don’t like me from day one.  Even from joining that B-Team; not one person seemed to thought to ask me if I had lunch with anyone or if I would like to have lunch with them. I think it’s rude not to even consider asking. SO reckons that part of the problem might have been how I got my current job – I wasn’t meant to be a longer term employee (well it worked to my benefit).

When I was invited to another sundowner event at the end of work (which was presented more like an afterthought since everyone else had left for it). I saw my ex-boss (who was super nice to me and we had a good old chat about their work/future plans) and the other coworkers made me feel really unwanted. When I politely decided to go pack my bag for the night, people’s attitudes were just like “fuck off already” – sometimes people just give vibes.

To be honest, the ONLY thing that POSSIBLY could have offended anyone was the fact I just want to come to work (to work) and that was in response to someone gossiping with me about crap/Grapevine. I also said Grapevine has gossiped and that’s the type of personality I would keep at an arm’s length (private conversation not running around saying that shit).

Grapevine’s true form…

Because Grapevine has been really nasty to me since they took over my former position from Parrot. I ask for stuff to be done; Grapevine goes slamming things on my desk. Grapevine has removed IT access for things other staff members get… it’s really like a dog pissing on an electric fence to mark its territory. Acts like a dog and is running around like a clique mafia boss because of the family relation in the office. I didn’t even know about the family connection until someone else spread rumours about it and told me.

Professionally I get my work done and don’t get into fights with anyone (which is good considered what workplace I had the misery of being in last year).  I don’t get into any arguments and in fact get excellent comments for my work.

I can’t be fucked with rudeness or rude people. I think going to work and keeping out of cliques is the way to go.