Delays with My Postgraduate Qualifications

Postgraduate stuff is driving me up the wall.

I waited around for months after the application and the bloody school hasn’t got their shit together and didn’t communicate delays with me. Like where’s the fucking common sense and initiative to tell someone they might be missing something from their fucking graduate application. I certainly don’t want to be stung by changing rules for graduating and I need my academic records for applying to higher jobs.

The graduation team and the postgrad school need to check off their systems and confirm I am ready to go – I have decided, after speaking to SO, that I will be attending my postgraduate ceremony because it’s not every day you get to do that. Plus SO and I love travelling to the teritary school.

On top of being fucking difficult and sending me generic emails that prove my question hasn’t been properly read and not answering my questions or referring me to an appropriate person to ask… they have all these dumb rules and regulations in place like:

If I change my name (i.e get married or do a deed poll) then I can’t have a new certificate – which considering I paid a small fortune on my postgrad education –  I would be wanting my fucking certificate in the correct name. The graduation office are not making that process clear and I think the name change (it sounds like it will be but I have 0 faith in the tertiary facility at the moment).

I need to be checked off TWICE – thus causing the confusion with where did I actually apply (and get approved to graduate). I’ve been given several different answers and no contact email/person to try work out my eligibility for the ceremony.

Didn’t see those regulations or difficulties when they were taking money to pay for the course. Don’t see them making the postgraduate stuff (and finalising my graduation ceremony) that hard for international students who pay triple what I do for a course. If you have international students paying money and me paying money – my money is as a fucking good as anyone else’s and warranting the same time/attention to get my official certificate.