It’s A Small World (Designer Shop Assistants)

Funnily enough after my last experience, this month at the designer store I frequent, I ran into people I know who actually work at the store. In SO’s and I’s social circles – we know and acquaint ourselves with all sorts of people of different backgrounds. But that store – and probably walking past them so many times is like oh. my. god.

I thought I was going to melt into the chair when they told me all about their work. I thought they might have me in their customer wall of shame or legendary horror stories about the complaints I make LOL.

I then eventually told them about the bullshit I’d put up with (the fat comments/fat shaming, selling me items with holes in them for premium prices/incorrectly charging me for it/chucking the shits when I wanted a refund (legally entitled to a refund – I’ll add!) and insinuating my financial situation.

It turns out the woman who fat shamed me is what they call a “fixture” – has been there for a long time but is hard to get rid of. Basically the attitude comes from being “untouchable”.  I think someone snooty like that should be removed and give the job to someone who deserve it without the attitude.

The woman who implied I was “too poor” to shop there (I am not rich but I certainly make enough money to comfortably by whatever I want from that designer store at least two or three times a month). It’s not relevant to my spending or lack of. Anyway…that  woman was fired because apparently she had been doing rude things to the customers and soliciting credit cards and making comments about my finances were the final straw for the designer store.

Anyway, apparently to sort those sorts of problems out (and making the workplace/designer store a better working environment) it is encouraged to follow up on complaining if you get really bad service. There were also offers of telling the individuals involved to get fucked – but I did a pretty good job doing that without swearing (well done me!)

It’s definitely a small world!