Elle Vs. Designer Store (Round 3) – Selling Me Faulty Products

Getting some sassy attitude from the designer store again.

There has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of history between myself and the shop assistants of a particular clothing area.

When they get super cunty towards me, or the false “niceness” when I go to buy stuff slips (or they are plain breaking consumer law) I am going to file a complaint and I do not give a flying fuck if it is annoying. I would never complain about something trivial in a clothing store.

I had bought some clothes and laybyed them for an upcoming event. The shop assistant entered everything incorrectly so when I was checking my receipt it had the wrong items and wrong payment IOU. I emailed the designer store about the problem, as a normal person would do, and never got a reply back.

So I go to finalise my layby and it starts a shitfight – because the customer service has to sort out the store’s mess. Like they didn’t want me taking things they thought I didn’t pay for. I know the assistants who I’ve had issues with also would be pissing themselves to see me get in trouble – but I’m not that sort of person and did try to resolve it appropriately. I had to wait for 30-ish minutes watching them all argue about what happened and they fucking knew I was coming.  I buy the items (after they were confirmed as correct) and I go home to properly try them on with my normal lighting and in a place I feel comfortable. And when I put the outfit on – one didn’t fit me (the sizing has changed with the brand from number sizing to S/M/L/XL so I’m not 100% sure what my new size is) which was really disappointing as the outfit looked really cool! Then the other outfit had holes in it! The delicate stitching for the embroidery feature was actually fraying.  I was absolutely pissed off because I wasn’t going around looking for holes and I wouldn’t have bought the outfit had I know it had a manufacturing problem. You don’t go dropping money on faulty stuff.

The returning of the item was made really difficult by the shop assistant because she had been told I was coming back in store and the items had their problems. They were really uninterested in resolving the problem and had implied they deliberately ignored my email about the problem when it first happened. Well you basically screwed your employer store out of goods – well done. I know people who get fired for not preventing theft or loss of goods and this mistake was a really expensive one on the store’s end.  Clap clap. Next time something that like happens – I am going to say nothing and let them sort it out. It was also made out the items were returned “simply” because I didn’t like them.

So when I asked about new items I got the bitchiest email ever. Basically the shop assistant chucked a tantrum because I returned a defective item.  The attitude dripping from the correspondence was rude, condescending and unnecessary. I didn’t go bloody looking for holes in the outfit. I found the holes when I bough the item; now you try and tell me what’s what with consumer rights you cow (Shop Assistant).  I was like right, you’re going to be a fucking cunt (I didn’t actually say anything to her because I thought she should go explain herself to her boss) then I’ll file another customer complaint and let nature take its course. Mind you, I wasn’t rude to anyone and this shop bitch has a high and mighty attitude with me. Not on my fucking time bitch.

I have better shit to do than have to chase up discrepancies (I think that designer store would have a field day if they thought I was deliberately ‘stealing’ stuff from the store). Like your fucking shop assistants should be paying attention to what they charge customers and what stuff they have in the shop – they were LUCKY I happen to be an honest person and immediately chased up on the mistake.

I only go to that shop because they have good brands.

Sometimes I just can’t win because I unfairly get treated poorly and when I use my consumer voice that gets me treated like a bitch (which I am far from being – unless you fuck with me/provoke me).