Business Elle – March 2017 Edition

At the moment things have been quiet here! I have some absolutely great business stock which was hot property at the end of last year. Getting the right formula can be hard – people are a bit funny at the moment with spending and most people I know are tightening up their purses (or wallets).

Since I’ve started full swing into wedding plans – things have taken the back burner. People are losing their jobs and things aren’t great in terms of leisure spending. It’s a shame because the product I have is economical, sustainable and would be nice for those who want to use it on special occasions.

I didn’t have any luck last year attracting a blogger/influence to publish/promote my business on social media. People are simply not buying much at the moment and it kind of sucks. If I had extended networks and megabucks budgets – I reckon I’d have influencers hanging on like parasites… Bleh fuck em!

That sad budget tightening aside – I’m getting higher paying customers in less amounts (which sucks because I have a wedding to pay for!) SO thinks I should put business aside (after all it is a hobby) until I can secure my current job or move somewhere I feel a bit happier/higher job satisfaction (pay/better team/respect).