The Familial Nemesis Gets Married

Last week I wrote a blog post about my thoughts about the Nemesis’ wedding this weekend. There’s a few things going through my head (as in my mind this is extreme [maybe one sided] familial rivalry).

I love wedding planning and knowing that my wedding is coming around the corner is making me really really really excited. 

I know that the nemesis comes from a wealthy family and marrying into one – so it would be interesting (for social media spying) to see what the wedding was about and what extreme wedding budgets would buy. I’m not really regretting anything about my wedding choices and I’ll go into that.  I’m very pleased that my wedding is going to be unique 🙂 🙂 🙂 (this makes me extremely happy and if those family members who have seen full pictures saw/attended the Nemesis’ wedding then no comparisons could be made).

I was really really hoping to see my father’s family in photographs.. Hm… let me go through a list of things I’ve noticed so far because there has been absolutely limited public social media.

Here are some things I was surprised by:

400-500 Wedding Guests

Are you fucking kidding me?????? Who knows 400-500 (OK, well you obviously have your answer…)

Minimal Social Media Wedding

Knowing the materialistic nature/snobbery of the nemesis – I was surprised that there were barely any pictures online of the wedding. Unless that wedding was going to end up on some wedding magazine (it wouldn’t surprise me and I guess it’s all lovely having rich social connections) – I only saw 5 public images and only 1 of them had people in it. I was expecting lots of images to be published as the event was going along. No wedding hashtags (Which I think are dumb). Zip.

Not inserting myself into anything but when I released my wedding website (to the shared family members) I emphasised we don’t value snobbery/materialism over having a good time (drama-free) with our guests.  I have a sneaky feeling my views towards being plastered all over social media and comments about being a snobby narcissistic cunt may have made the rounds (after I heard about the wedding drama through family members and said I didn’t agree with that sort of behaviour and it was shit I had been subjected to years ago).

Not a peep from my family members

I was expecting to hear more about the wedding in general contexts. I was told about the drama so I expected to hear more about the day. I haven’t heard from my father’s family so maybe they were spending time talking to her/about the wedding. I thought it was weird that her family didn’t make any appearances on social media.


Here are some things I noticed:

Copy Cat Wedding?

There were definitely copycat aspects. The vendors were near identical (popular ones maybe 2 I had approached for photography and considering for the ceremony place).  I thought I was seeing double with the nemesis and the copycat wedding. The bride’s appearance in the one photograph I saw was identical.

Gatsby/Jazz Age Theme

The wedding dress

If I had the unlimited budget I too would have gone for a  Galia dress. But those dresses are fucking expensive!!!!!!!!! And it would have been white. (I didn’t end up choosing a white dress but I have to say my dress is really unique for a wedding – which is what I love 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) But the dress (apart from being a copycat) was not really the wow factor I was expecting with that budget.

^ What would I would have thought was selected

The wedding was a floral heaven

I don’t have an eye for flowers but I think the nemesis went very traditional with the selection. Floral walls/features were everywhere. I don’t think unless the colours pink or red or green were copyrighted (colours in my wedding palette because I wanted a fucking rainbow lol!) I doubt there would be ANY copying of weddings. At all.

Extreme budget wedding

I would put this wedding (from what I know of the vendors) easily within $100,000-$200,000.  Keeping in mind that my family told me there were guests flown in first class from overseas (and lots of interstate guests) – I couldn’t fathom spending a house mortgage deposit on a single wedding day.  It blows my mind and I don’t know, if I had that budget, whether I’d consider doing the same thing. I’m not really interested in keeping up with the Joneses.

I’d be curious to see more photographs about that wedding and hopefully see my family members in the photographs.