A Very Social Weekend

So last weekend I had meetup groups while SO had alone time (first time by himself in the casa for nearly three years…yes it has been that long since I have left the house for an all-female group thing).

I don’t think I had any luck from that event because I messaged a girl I spoke a lot with…but never heard anything back (and that message was read too – adding insult to injury).

On Sunday night, while we were lounging around at home, we ended up being invited by my family member to some cool nightclub event. I’m pretty excited to have been invited by SO’s friends to some other events – so that will make up for the lack of personal success with the all-girl brunch.

By the time Monday came I was fucking exhausted, cold (because it was much cooler than recent weeks and my body was like WTF) and went to bed at a sad 6PM.