When you hear whining at work

It’s often hypocritical and/or minor whining bullshit – like someone will whine about doing things one way, the other talks down to me like I’m a child and then whines about the first person’s way of doing things…

I will call the Team Members (of HC Boss’s Beloved Team or B-Team):

  1. Grumpy
  2. Constantly Whinging

So examples:

Grumpy said when doing my work I need an image of the report subject on the front page for the client.  Not being able to take the images myself of the subject; I rely on non-professional photographers who often take random ass pictures of things that do not match. Like a normal person using this thing called their brain (and another thing called initiative) when I don’t find a picture which matches the work – I go online to complete the look of the report. I find a good quality image and I make sure it has the details required for the image.

“Dog Report”

If I was asked to get a picture of a dog – I was doing a report on German Sheppards – then I would find a good image (no watermarks) of a German Sheppard to put on the front page of the report. Usually the non-professional would take half a picture of the dog or it wouldn’t even be a photograph of the German Sheppard. You know…using your initative to get the dog report done.

Then Person 2 will whine ‘oh why are you online’ – well it’s not like they keep a folder on the computers with stock images of the subjects. Like an organised team would have (even though I worked with a total psychopath at the end of my Unnamed Fort days – we always had stock images for a range of work – whether it was administrative/general stock images/media related/personnel related)….

  • I’d be like “I was told by Person 1 to put images with reports”
  • Person 1 goes “did I say all reports had to have a front page picture?”
  • Yes. You fucking moron. You did. Even Hot-Cold Boss told me (when I started) all reports must have a matching picture.

Sometimes when I work on client reports, the non-professional photographers also write piss poor notes about the subjects.

So if we are using the dog example again, talking about German Sheppards:

The original report could come back with random notes (nightmare for editing):

  • Dog, old… its kennel is adjacent to small property off site. Respond to Kibbles
  • Ok so that tells the client nothing about about the dog’s whereabouts
  • So I would change it to (modify)…
  • Older German Sheppard Dog (named XXXX); lives in a kennel offsite from main property.

Both of the “team” who come across as FUCKING DUMBASSES will bitch about me in third person (sometimes with HC Boss) “oh why is that happening” or my favourite like this magically comes out of thin air “Where did this sentence come from?” Then they come together (when I actually think about the work I’m doing) something basic and then I have to point out their hypocrisies.

Try me bitches. Try me.