Wedding Music I am Obsessed With! – What to Play at the Ceremony?

At the moment, SO and I are locking down music choices for the wedding ceremony. SO’s pretty set on having European music for his selections (traditional music). I can’t remember if all his choices were in English or if he has chosen his native language. I appreciate all cultures and wouldn’t mind hearing some traditional music. I would personally veto any of his choices that relate to death, divorce, violence or something fucking horrible – sometimes SO’s choices are more metal head choices rather than “everyone will be happy to listen to the same songs on repeat for many hours”.

While we are waiting to see if the Ave Maria monster rears its head again…As I said in my previous blog. I LIKE Ave Maria – but SO and I are paying and planning this wedding. I don’t give a flying fuck if any other relative was playing this song on my mother’s side of the family. Ave Maria is not a family tradition – it may have been a conversation where someone was bullied or “it was suggested” Ave Maria be played. I think the Ave Maria Monster is too much of a coincidence to be played at several weddings.  I don’t give a fucking fuck if anyone hates our wedding music. If we are paying lots of money on our guests – they can sit through a few hours of whatever music selections we choose. Yes, that includes SO’s love of heavy metal music and other bizarro music lol.

In other words, we are pretty set in what we both want on the day. Anyone who thinks they can change either SO’s or my mind…really don’t know who they are dealing with. People think I’m stubborn enough but once SO’s got an idea (he likes) he won’t change his mind for anyone. Including me!

So while we have swiftly worked out what we don’t want – and SO will not guilt me into playing Ave Maria either for “my relatives’ sake” = we need to shortlist the music for wedding ceremony venue.  Because of our choice of venue, I think the ‘way’ to getting around non-favourable music (by the person marrying us) is to do instrumental music. While I love rock, pop, classical and punk – I don’t think some of my music choices would be “OK”ed. Obviously, not being my venue, I have to respect those wishes and I don’t see the harm in having instruments over the actual song being played.


I am a sucker for harps when I go to orchestras! I always wanted to learn to play the harp as a kid – I wasn’t able to afford a harp (they are really expensive) and I can’t read sheet music. I have been watching all sorts of music videos on youtube; classical music, Disney movies (renaissance Disney please none of this modern shit) and video game covers have been personal favourites.


I didn’t know they were an instrument you played – I thought it was just a single bell. I was watching a cover of the Final Fantasy 10 song “To Zanarkand” with handbells accompanied by an organ piano – I have to admit, I didn’t know anything about handbells but it was pretty cool!

Video Game Music

I think SO would ban this over the ceremony venue. I love pop cultural references but they probably won’t be considered “appropriate”. I reckon I’ll slip a few gamer songs in at the reception. Instrumentals mean no one but gamers will know the difference! 😀 😀  Even after the wedding (and when we have kids) I will still be a gamer ❤

^ Likely to be banned from any religious venue. Maybe’s SO mother would think music was appropriate for me to talk down the aisle in 😛

^ The rare video game music song SO *might* allow!

^ Apparently Zelda is really popular – I’ve never played a Zelda game (it’s on my to-do list when the wedding planning is finalised)

^ Too much of a gamer reference 😦 😦 😦 I don’t like mario enough as it is…

Lana Del Rey

I like the song “Young and Beautiful”. I originally didn’t like Lana Del Rey songs back in 2012 and I think her music is a slow burner – have always liked her look but thought she was too similarly howling like Adele (who I can now tolerate in small doses since Skyfall). I don’t think “Daddy Issues”, “Ride” or “This is What Makes Us Beautiful”, “Cherry Cola”, “Honeymoon” or “Video Games” will be allowed in any capacity (sad face).  Lana does great Lolita songs…but few are appropriate. I may swap Lana Del Rey out for Florence and the Machine.

Florence and the Machine

For me, my bridal song might be a toss up between Lana Del Rey and Florence. Apart from “Kiss with a Fist” (a lovely song about abuse) I don’t think there are that many offensive Florence songs. I might be wrong, as I am only a causal listener. But the recent Final Fantasy 15 cover of Stand By Me – is a personal contender because I also love the original and its religious meaning (yes Stand By Me is also religious as well as being generally lovely!)

Likely banned…

I personally like Lush Life!