The Familial Nemesis’ Wedding is This Week (I want to make sure that I don’t want to copy that wedding)

I have wedding fever on my mind at the moment and when my nemesis’ wedding has past…it will be closer to my wedding 😀 😀 😀

I will be paying close attention when it pops up on social media because I am hoping that I haven’t inadvertently “copied” anything from that wedding. Ironically, the nemesis copied her in-law’s wedding  (people with money).  I don’t wish the nemesis (or family) ill. I just one day I hope the nemesis’ brain matures and can behave more than a materialistic, snobby cow who can learn to treat people better.

If I have family members in attendance from my father’s side (the few that have been invited to MY wedding) I could either be outed for spying on the nemesis via public social media accounts or some kind of comment might be made (worse case scenario but my father’s side of the family loves DRAMA and picking fights).

To be completely honest, when you are 2 different people with completely different personalities, tastes and budgets – I highly doubt there will be any copying on my end.  I don’t think about the nemesis’ wedding and compare it to mine – “oh I can’t have white flowers because XXXX is going to have white flowers” or when I go and have a coffee at work “oh no! XXXX might like coffee too! I might spy on her on social media but no no can’t be seen as copying”.  I know my father’s family could also be feeding any nemesis vs. Elle drama and feeding me stuff for shits and giggles.  Considering it’s pretty bleeding obvious I hate the nemesis as the anti-thesis (and nasty person based on how I was treated) compared to me.

I know a lot of “wedding trends” have surfaced (including a really popular bridesmaid dress which I wanted but I knew the nemesis had worn and was noted as using in her wedding).  I ended up getting a similar but completely different colour bridesmaid dress – I took SO’s advice (who thought this whole situation is stupid and I shouldn’t be social media spying) and just got the bridesmaid dresses  *I* originally wanted.  I still wouldn’t have cared less if I got an exact match.


My guesses for what is going to happen with the wedding as follows:

  • All white and modernistic
  • Photos of my estranged family members (to be honest – these photos are all I want to see – I want to know which family members were invited and/or turned up) 
  • Gatsby themed (or decadence)
  • Hair down
  • Probably has some of the designer brands (for weddings) that I wanted – maybe a hairpiece
  • Designer shoes
  • I reckon the bridesmaids would be wearing purple, pink or black (in that case I didn’t copy anyone because my bridesmaids are in all dark jewelled colours)
  • Pictures of those petrol guzzling hummer limos
  • Since the nemesis always likes being picture perfect in photos I doubt there would be anything of her doing something “fun” or “silly” because she has always behaved like a snob

  • Italian food at the reception
  • Expensive booze
  • DJ and white dance floor with initials
  • I think it will be a dress that’s sleeveless but maybe have a little cap sleeve or something on the shoulder)
  • Big bling diamond wedding ring
  • Lots of flowers – flower walls
  • Hopefully not the same bridesmaid dress (cry)