Work’s Executive Meet n’ Greet

The newbies at my workplace get to meet with the company executives and have a nice morning tea. It’s a nice thing (if it’s sincere) and it is significantly different from the Fort-that-won’t-be-named.

Grapevine will be there, obviously with the big gossipy mouth and the relative connection – so I need to be pulling out from my shy shell and make an impression with the executives.

I worry about louder people such as Grapevine; this workplace is very extroverted and it seems to thrive on cliques around noisy gossips. From my personal experience, I found the noisiest people are often those who don’t have that much new to offer to the table (because you’ve heard it alllll before) or intelligent to say.  And they are often the source of draaaaaaaaama and rumour spreading.

Open offices and extraverted events are waaaaaaaaaaay outside my comfort zone – a whole new experience that I am willing to try to be noticed, acknowledged and promoted/given better money for my hard work.  People know I work hard and have a good work ethic; I need to stand up/speak up a bit more for myself and do some self promotion (even if showing off goes against my core personality).

SO tells me the key to making friends (and allies) is all about networking. He’s proud I am putting my hand up for this and trying to be more confident in myself/my work.

Well, I am hoping to make a reasonable (but nicely remembered) impression so I can get promoted or moved into another area quicker.