The Wedding Argument over Ave Maria (Round 1)

There is a fight over Ave Maria.  Yep. The Classical Music Piece.

The funniest thing about this one sided stupid argument, it’s not even SO and I who are arguing about any wedding music.

A female family member has kicked off a stick about Ave Maria. And is insisting it is played at the wedding venue. I don’t usually mind the family member but the minor tantrum throwing over a fucking song we don’t want at our wedding is ridiculousness. Apparently “weddings are whole family affairs and about what they want too”.

We are both in agreement as to what we want played at our wedding ceremony. Those keywords being we and our.  Ave Maria – it’s not going to happen.

I happen to LIKE Ave Maria but I feel that the wedding needs to be about our tastes and SO has picked some beautiful songs (with deep meaning) which I had zero input in – and these songs SO has selected best represent our relationship and future intentions.  Which is what the song choice is about. Memories.

When I’ve outright told the family member, I am under the impression when your family member is playing up you have to deal with them directly (and not your significant other), they give me a dead blank stare when the word no is given. It’s like “selective forgetfulness” or childish emotional blackmail over a fucking song. She won’t talk about anything else until Ave Maria is “considered”.

I don’t like being told to “consider” anything. In fact that makes me hate the idea of Ave Maria being played even more. SO being the peaceful diplomat, told my female relative that we are “considering” Ave Maria…but I am flat out saying NO and not being railroaded into what SO/I have set in stone.  If I hear about goddamn fucking Ave Maria tho…

The argument is about trying to create a family trend.  First it was trying to force younger family members into MY bridesmaid party as “junior bridesmaids” (god knows what the kids have been told lol…but their parents have been explicitly told there are no “junior bridesmaids” it is flower girls only). This is a whole level of Bridezilla behaviour from someone who isn’t the bride (don’t get me wrong I like the female relative talking about wedding stuff – not running the fucking show lol).

Apparently “everyone in the family” plays Ave Maria at my family’s weddings. If someone told you to jump off a cliff – would you do it because “everyone else does it?” No! Neither SO and I are blind followers; we do what we want and we research/take time to come to a decision. Blindly following “orders” and “directions” are how bad things started .  Like wars.  Or Ave Maria wedding arguments that shouldn’t be occurring lol.