Coffee Cliques Create Eyerolls

It seems like the younger clique whom I will now call the Peacock Clique or Peacocks (previously mentioned in reasons your team sucks and things I first noticed about the new workplace) have been growing and becoming noticeably cliquey in the office. Every morning for the past week and a bit…they seem to have a new habit of walking past everyone’s desks and doing a mass coffee run of 10-20 people. I was the only person (outside of HC’s beloved ‘team’ which doesn’t include me because I do the work but what am I? Invisible Elle?) who worked in the same area as some of the clique not invited. It’s been like that since day one.

Watching them do the coffee walk makes me feel really sad because even if I don’t want a coffee – I do need to talk to someone at work and I am incredibly isolated because no one includes me in ANYTHING.

I get bitched at for working but no one literally talks to me like a normal human being. I don’t get asked me about my personal background, I don’t get asked about my interests (hey I might actually have something in common) and I don’t get asked about my weekend. I get fucking ordered around, when someone wants something then they go “how was your weekend? (no pause) I want this 60 page report in an hour.”

I’m certainly not looking for being a suck up with the clique or best friends – but you would think about asking the newer employee to join you right? If I had a buddy mentor system, outside of needing me time (which I need at least at the end of the day or at lunch) I would be making that person feel welcome and not isolating them without an explanation. I thought it was really rude they didn’t even ask me to come – even though I share a work area with them. Open office plans (and watching the strutting around) suck and I miss the days I had my own office/personal space and I didn’t feel like I was deliberately being excluded and eating lunch alone was a personal choice (and also a way to sanely avoid my crazy ass ex-coworkers at the fort that won’t be named).

I feel really insulted that I was excluded from the start, even when I first started at the workplace, the clique ignored me (wouldn’t engage personally with me), Grapevine incessantly bitched about them all when I had to work offsite with them, and on my very first hour in the job – one of the bitchy girls literally leaned over me in the middle of doing my role to use my phone – without asking and then stood over my shoulder for a good 30 minutes. Without even a thanks – then fucked off and generally treated me like a slave.

One key thing in all this is Grapevine. Loud, “bubbly” and seemingly beloved by all (I didn’t personally have any major issues with Grapevine until they made training difficult no thanks to Parrot) and whenever Grapevine now wants to converse with me – it’s over some shit Parrot did or couldn’t find. Even that fucking bird brain cow Parrot got a cushy job over me. I might be a quiet achiever worker, but wouldn’t people rather work with someone who wouldn’t go bitching behind your back and isn’t going to sabotage your best chances of career promotion?

In my personal experience, being on the bad side or even ignored (in my case) by a mega clique isn’t great for career advancement or getting favour with the boss.  I’m watching my Ps and Qs and deliberately keeping my distance unless spoken to. Is this clique something out of being in the same workteam/office area all day and also fear? Like if you’re not nice to the boss’s relative’s partner – then you won’t curry favour? I am finding the clique’s motivations to strutting around a bit hard to read.


I am going to take some advise on board by being more “personable”/social but not so much people will use things against me like last time.