Wedding Dress Hunting

Originally I was going to write a blog post about my worries and wedding dress troubles (internal mental struggles and insecurities) about finding my wedding dress (which wasn’t white).

I easily found the bridesmaids dresses but my own was going to be a bit harder and I am also very picky about fashion. I was worried about going to a designer bridal shop and being fat shamed or questioned about why my mother wasn’t partaking in any of the activities (sensitive issue as my readers should know).

What actually happened today was, I went out with SO for a weekend date. SO was doing stuff and I was going to have a look to see if there was anything I could hire or layby. So while I was waiting for SO, I ended trying 3 dresses from the designer store (I fit into their clothes now which makes me very happy), went out for a meal with SO, we decided to walk home and I remembered/found a dress shop  which was known for formal wear.

After looking at about 10 dresses on one rack in the period of 10 minutes (which were all lovely and blingy). I ended up with a beaaaautiful not white dress. SO selected it from the rack and said I should try it on because he loved the colour. We ended up buying my dress on layby (we are working our asses off to pay for the wedding with cash only – we both agreed paying for a wedding we can’t afford with credit cards is just plain dumb).

^ My dress is similar to this

On top of my great wedding news, SO is finally sorted for the wedding with his outfit. We ended up picking out his outfit a few weeks ago –  he has opted for a non-traditional approach too.  I wanted to compliment his outfit too 🙂

I also found out the bridesmaids are set. Although there is an inbalance of bridesmaids to groomsmen (and I am short of a bridesmaid which I need ASAP). The girls ended up buying their dresses (matched perfectly to what I wanted) from a UK website called TFNLONDON. The dresses looked decent, looked like the website and they have some really cool party dresses for students and other ladies on a budget.  The dresses haven’t been sent to Australia so I’d be interested to know if they will deliver items to me in the future (I love some of the party dresses and my birthday is coming up soon).

The price the bridesmaids ended up paying was 1/5th of the bridesmaid dress style (which was what I had seen the familal nemesis with/wearing – I didn’t want to copy her but rather the dresses I picked were a completely different colour and the dresses had a colourful/gatsby feel to them!) This isn’t going to be a traditionally coloured wedding!

We just need to get the grooomsmen some colour and we are all dressed!  WAAHHH SO EXCITED!