Neighbour Sideshow

The sideshow I call “neighbours” have been noisier and playing up more than ever. In the middle of an agent inspection, both SO and I were secretly hoping that the neighbour sideshow would play up.  Imagine in the middle of doing a property inspection – you have someone playing loud music, screaming and screaming cunt like a broken record. A normal agent would take pity on us and give something like a rent reduction lol. Wishful thinking on my part. 

The landlord has been spoken to by soooooooooooooo many fucking people.

I had, politely which for me was hard because I wanted to scream down the phone at the motherfucker, explained we are normal working people who are sick of you and your tenants’ collective bullshit.  The reaction was stupid. Just really useless in how they deal with the situation; basically it was sticking their head under the sand and “oh I only thought they were drinkers”. SO CONSTANTLY PARTYING ALL NIGHT, BEING ON SOMETHING, and screaming all day are what “normal drunks do”? What a weak excuse not to deal with the monsters you (landlord) created.

This goes beyond the little party that finished up at 12am (which I wouldn’t mind if the music wasn’t so fucking loud, their neanderthal mates would stop screaming in the middle of the night and constantly destroying property and running around like they own the street), It’s real thug behaviour and they’re not even smart about when they do that shit. Broad daylight. Afternoons. Early morning hours while we are trying to sleep before work…it’s a crock of crap and people should be fucking held accountable.

Not like any Po visits ever stopped them from doing destructive things like throwing rocks at moving cars (or verge collection furniture).  Apparently the “Australian housing situation” was their landlord’s second reasoning for not removing the unruly motherfuckers. Imagine a fat guy throwing rocks at the popo and trying to run away – I will tell you now it failed and when they showed up to the casa looking for Fatso Neanderthal – I simply pointed in the direction of his usual hidey hole and let them go sort their shit out. I don’t want to have to deal with popo because the Neanderthals can’t behave like normal adults (or bogan man children in their case…) in society.

The landlord should grow a fucking pair, evict the repeat offenders and actually make some effort, and be scouting for BETTER quality of tenants instead of the years of garden gnome scumbugs (domestic violence po visits, under the influence, po visits looking for the neanderthals when they threw rocks at a po car).

If they want to go party and not work – they should go live in the outback or go live on an isolated piece of land. Away from the rest of us!