WTF – Being Referred to in 3rd Person At Work

My hot-cold mismatch team are definitely not my cup of tea.  It’s better than getting a score of abuse from a psychotic bully but being treated as a non-human, ignored deliberately or being spoken/treated like an idiot – it’s just as bad! No one has made ANY effort to make me feel welcome or involve me in team activities. Job satisfaction is an important thing for me. If I am not happy with the pay and the work I do – I can’t tolerate small niggling things like shit team members or a shit boss. I am going back to the drawing board for job applications.

What makes it worse is Grapevine (the successor to the job I liked) only got that job because they are dating the boss’s family member. The smack of bullshit  – and the entitled behaviour I saw during training time – filled in a lot of gaps for me. While it beats the allegations (about another coworker who got promoted at the fort that won’t be named) from the last place and it wasn’t my “long term job” – it’s absolute bullshit that someone like me (who works hard and got along with the boss) gets overlooked or downgraded into shitty work.

Grapevine (who apparently is beloved by the hot/cold boss HC works!) was talking about me, right in front of me, about “how I was working out”. Like why not ask me? I am sitting right there and don’t bite. Or at least have the decency not to do it in my face. HC Boss was repeating everything I did/didn’t do like reading off a list. Why would you go talking about me to another co-worker who doesn’t work in the “team”?

Part of my work involves computers. When I was eating lunch (forever alone at work) I came back to hear HC Boss bitch about my work in the third person. I never get ANY feedback and when people decide to talk to me – I get whinged at. I get that I am reticent but positive feedback is required for MY job satisfaction.  The worst/funniest part about being referred in third person, and dealing with a group who clearly aren’t as smart as you say gems like this:

  • Elle can do the work
  • Elle do this
  • Elle do that
  • What does the sentence “xxxx not available, ignore data” mean????

If you *bothered* to ask me about basic questions and treated me like a welcome human being, I’d probably stop chuckling in my corner and tell you.

The second slap in the face (this week) was an idiot like the Parrot getting a similar well paying role – after fucking up so much when I took over. Constantly losing shit and trying to throw me under the bus. Being all fucking sweet and fake towards me in public – I can’t stand it. Just something about Parrot doesn’t smack as true (to me). I wonder if this was also a situation of “dating someone related to the boss”.  I am waiting for applications to open so I find it unfair just anyone can get a high, well positioned job.  If I don’t find what I want, I am going to start making discrete inquiries elsewhere; I simply dislike the team and the simplistic work.

I have the better work ethic, skills, brains and drive…but nooooo I don’t have the right fucking connections (i.e. relative) and I get stuck with the shit.  I am trying to remember my glowing performance reviews and see the bigger picture…but I am only seeing a way to pay my wedding and fund my lifestyle.