Weekend Plans

The weekend is the only thing that stops SO from being an angry man (due to long commute).

Grump and telling me off for all sorts of shit is all I’ve been getting 70% of the time. I’m over it and I like it when the weekend comes and he’s nicer towards me.

I don’t get it and he thinks I’ve been writing poison pens about him – don’t need to do that when I can say what I write to his face. He choose to / not to listen to me when I’m worried/angry about things.

This weekend involves more wedding planning and more wedding vendors.  We need to get all the essentials locked in for the wedding. The main stuff is done which is a bonus!

SO and I will be attending an end of summer boat party; I’ve never been to a boat party before, but I am reallllllllllllllly looking forward to it. SO doesn’t do well on boats but it shouldn’t be a rough ride like our last sea trip. If it’s like what I expect we can sit out on the desk, or up the top of the boat, or even go dance or eat or drink or whatever. That boat will be right after work and we won’t be back until the early hours of the morning – if SO isn’t tired/grumpy from staying up all day (he has a long sucky commute) then it should be OK.