The End of Summer?

“Hahaha… not yet” says Mother Nature.

It’s supposed to be the first days of autumn (fuck that was fast!) and there is no sign of this obnoxious weather clearing and cooling.  I don’t like the extreme heat and we (Australia) were doing so well with not being an overly dramatic summer…because I would have considered emigrating to a winter country until autumn or winter actually arrived.

Nighttimes are really hard for me in summer. My legs stick together, I feel like I lose weight and then I probably just lost water weight, everyone picks fights and is nasty (people don’t like waiting in the heat during my commute or when they have to wait for lunch trucks at work).  I’m not a personal fan of sleeping in extreme heat, with noisy fucking neighbours having their noisy fucking parties, with the need for lots of water and an air conditioner operating all night.

And on top of that my internet supply can’t handle the heat and shits itself for the nth time that night. And being so overtired from heat (and also having been sick in the previous weeks) that it makes it harder to unwind and sleep.

My wedding will be in winter , but I would hate for everything to rush so fast, that I don’t get to enjoy 2017.