Ignoring the Cliques and their Gossiping / Sabotage & Pulling Up My Sleeves

I’ve recently blogged about struggling to fit into any of the cliques (no one thought I was long term in my current job and thus never bothered to engage with me).  I often sit alone for lunch and I wonder why no one engages with me – I have tried general chit chat but no one would talk about something like their weekend with me.

It’s just sad that in order to be “popular” with the cliques I need to eat shitty food (to join the larger lady clique) or be a fucking stickybeak gossip and work in the same area as the younger clique (some of whom previously treated me as a slave).


I have a lot of engaging skills and things to offer.

But very few people converse with me… now working with a much older team also doesn’t help. I prefer smaller teams or an individual whom I can get along great with!

I hear a few rumours that some of the girls I work (in the same office with) are jealous of me because I work well with the right people (i.e. management).  Parrot is just false (and two faced – so overly sweet in a sickening way and then privately is unfriendly). Grapevine is a big fat gossip who never stops talking and since I’ve moved out of the shared office – no longer converses with me unless it’s a bitch about something “I’ve done” but actually turns out to be Parrot. What a fucking joke.

It would explain why they stonewall me when I am asked to interact with them, or why they are so stupid and fucking lose all the paperwork I gave them before I moved on.  I do feel like two particular individuals are trying to subversively sabotage me.  I also don’t get why they are getting high level wages when they both appear not to be doing much (can’t catch up on my previous work because they always lose shit…especially Parrot who wouldn’t know what a ticket book is to a chicken raffle).


I’m working on this problem by just getting on with it and not engaging with gossip and crap. I am getting really good feedback with my work, so I might be around longer than I even expected, so while I hate the cliques – I may need to converse with them at some level in the future.