A Good Performance

I’ve had my performance talk and got some pretty good feedback  – for me I am going to work on career progression so I can get a promotion into a better paying job and with better conditions.

So instead of being a mindless robot on the computer; I’d be participating in decision making and higher profile work. Which I am very happy with. I wasn’t expecting any bad feedback because I have been trying hard to get my head down.

I am trying to step out of my comfort zone (in my career) this year and I think I am finally being given the tools and opportunities to expand – and hopefully not fuck it up. It’s really different from the fort that shan’t be named – where the only people who got promotions or training courses or opportunities were those who were “good friends” with the boss or those who were buddies with the boss (or in the same clique).

I am being more career focused to get ahead – I am sick of idiots like Parrot and Grapevine trying to steal credit/my thunder for things I put in place at the office or just not being acknowledged for what I do (I do well beyond my quota and have the data to prove it).

I’ve promised SO that I would talk to my ex-boss about getting him into a job (less commuting and pays well)… the first thing he said when I told him about my performance review was talk about him! Let me go into a performance review and talk about my partner. I’m pretty pissed off he didn’t show more interest or even briefly congratulate me for my hard work. I work my ass off for very little recognition.

^ I will give myself a trophy instead…and a pat on the fucking back!

If SO wants to work there, which I support, he has to make the effort when he has some time off – I can’t hold his hand the whole process. I can only help him if he writes/reviews his resume and thinks about addressing those stupid questions that most employers make you do nowadays (especially in corporate roles!) You either want something or you don’t. It’s very chicken and the egg.

I have the same thing when I’m demotivated – but I still try make an effort when I can.

He thinks I am saying overworks (in the past- which he does) and when he takes time off in the evening (from his commute) he “should be doing something all the time”.  I check my personal emails in the morning and look for a job I can suitably apply for. I’m helping him write his applications and doing the hard work by keeping all his resume documents together – he couldn’t put these together if his life depended on it. Unfair to blame me for shit mood and issues.

The only thing is all talk and no action; like last time where I was promised things…this time I am thinking of number one. Anyway, I am not letting a shitty mood dampen my day – I am doing well and I am really trying to grow as a person. Bad moods and negativity can fuck right off.