10 Signs Your Working Team Sucks

Recently I have been thinking more about the team mismatch (and how I’d like to go back working for a good boss/team environment like I did over Christmas) and how I would like to look for a role within the organisation which pays well, lets me bloody think and it’s actually something I can career progress in.

Here are 10 signs, from this job and other ones (like the fort that shall not be named and the boss who did 0 training) where you might not be a good fit with the team… I’m not talking about the work (because in my case) the work I do is super easy.

  1. Cliquey

Any organisation, regardless of how small or large, that has a noticeable clique – isn’t generally good.

I personally prefer to get along (professionally) with all co-workers.

But after the rubbish in my last workplace, I keep my personal life to myself.

I get everyone can have their work friends but ignoring other people and not dealing with them in the workplace is really not professional in my opinion. It’s really hard fitting in, especially if you don’t share their traits.

In my workplace there are several cliques with noticeable traits:



The management are alright and I don’t have any particular issues with anyone. There’s one asshole who made me do a mail merge, all day, for 900ish people. Like…faking finding your boss’ jokes are funny isn’t something I could do. I try to say hello to the bosses because I do have a good rapport with them and worked well with all  bar one (the asshole who apparently is unpopular in the office because they are really a rude asshole in personality). But I wouldn’t dream of being all cliquey with any of them.

Racial Cliques

Notable members: my new boss

There are multiple cliques that are specifically of a certain ethnicity or nationality. I sit near a team of women (all from the same background) who nobody knows what their names are, they refuse to speak English to any of the workers and the only time they do is when their boss is around.

The Fat Lady Clique

Notable members: most of my new team & Grapevine


The third major group consists of older ladies (and one younger one Grapevine).  It reminds me of the old workplace and how the clique were fat, older ladies (causing most of the problems). I don’t like to tar anyone with the same brush but some of the gossip I heard 2nd hand (not because anyone directly comes up to talk to me and tell me) isn’t very positive and it’s bitching about other people.

The Young Clique

Notable members: Parrot (debatable) & Grapevine


I *should* have been welcomed into this group, simply because I’m the same age as some of its members. But noo… I get treated invisibly. Breaking into the clique and having an attempt at conversations failed as well.

In my case, on my first day in my current job, one of the clique members leaned over me (invading my personal space without asking first) to use my phone and had a good conversation for around 30 minutes. That same person seemed to think my role was as their personal secretary or receptionist. Which I wasn’t and I wasn’t OK with being treated as such.

I think they like Parrot and Grapevine (who was in that workplace well before I was) because they all have this massive cliquey lunch thing everyday. Being treated as invisible sucks socially but it does have advantages (can get away with bad behaviour if I wanted to).

2. Introverts vs. Extroverts

This one is a bit obvious; but I have the very quiet achiever approach to my work. I don’t like loud, obnoxious people. I hate suck ups even more. When I work, I have people in my new team only talk to me and immediately followed up with something that want and/or to complain about something. Never any postiive things. Take this typical conversation with one of my immediate coworkers:

Co-worker approaches my desk with paperwork on a Wednesday.

Co-worker: How was your weekend?

Me: It was ok. How was your weekend?

Co-worker : OK. Do this now.

Co-worker walks off.

3. Boss doesn’t treat all the team equally

In my case, whenever the boss doesn’t treat you fairly (even when you’re the new start) it’s usually for a few reasons:

  • Doesn’t like you
  • Doesn’t view your job as important enough
  • Forgot you exist
  • Wanted someone else (like a family member or friend) in your job – especially if they aren’t involved in the recruitment process

My new boss is so hot/cold that their first words when I joined the team were: someone else can do your job for less and you better pay attention to your work or it will be sent back.

4. Team members hint or outright say they are unhappy

Sometimes a team will outright hint at being unhappy. I have found the whinger to be usually older or in some kind of 2IC position from the boss.

5. Teams that “always” have “lots of work to do” or “lots of leftover work”

I have found in my last two workplaces, both with shitty bosses who run meh teams, there is always a problem with the speed of the workload. Does more work equate to unhappy teams or simply a demanding boss? I think there could be some correlation. I found in my previous experience, no one usually likes working with a bad team and no one will help cover that workload either. Well in my current case, it got me employed but even my ex-boss wants me out of that environment.

6. Embarrassing staff members

Sometimes the boss is joking but other times it sounds like an insult. Was it? A boss that acts two faced usually is a bully boss.


7. Stealing or lack of credit

Usually bad bosses and teams don’t like other people getting positive feedback. It has to be about kicking the man (or woman) down. I hate people who can’t acknowledge there are people who simply want to work and be left alone to do that job without the bullshit attitude. At no stage have I felt appreciated or has there been any acknowledge that I helped my team deal with their never ending backlog of work.

8. You count down the clock when you get to work

I do this all the time. I preoccupy myself by keeping busy and giving myself internal goals to keep active/not hating my work team. I find it works because when I am focused on getting my work done (and “rewarding” myself by getting up off the computer for coffee and stretching my legs) then it’s closer to home time and the weekend.

9.  Anytime someone says something dumb, you internally roll your eyes.

10. You wake up feeling sick in the morning

It’s seriously a thing that happens to lots of people. used to get stomach cramps before I had to get my commute. Every. Single. Morning.