Our Big Annivesary

SO and I have recently celebrated an anniversary of us (won’t reveal for my own IRL privacy how long or short that is) but having our engagement after two and half yearsnow finally being a wedding. – I have a feeling this year will be a “year of us“.

Despite all that, it makes me go back to yesterday and remember when we first started dating.  It would be nice to have a child/ren after the wedding (SO has been really excited about that – not forced haha). I would love a baby or multiple babies with SO (and I’d be a OK parent too…not a special mummy blogger snowflake or glorified asshole). No pressure though!

I think we make things work because we have similar personalities and ethics, we aren’t stuck up assholes, we work hard, we want the same things in life and we get something from each other (SO gets more adventures and less control of situations – because he gets anixous if he can’t control a situation like surprise dinners and I get to interact better with my fellow humans). It’s a win-win.

Usually we do anniversary events with a little more flair but this year we were both working and had other plans going on. Plus weddings are expensive – now I have some deposits to pay for – it’s go go go go. SO was having a shitty day from work, and I thought he would be grumpy when he got home from work (he doesn’t like his new job and it’s causing him emotional stress). Needless to say, despite SO having a shitty day, he still bought me flowers ❤ ❤ ❤