The Copycat Wedding (Familial Nemesis)

Trying to find out ANYTHING about the familial nemesis’ wedding is like trying to find spy secrets haha. Bar one tidibit which another family member told me…I found out through the grapevine of public social media that the nemesis is having a copycat wedding from another family member (don’t think it is from our shared side of the family but maybe the in-laws?). I want to know some family gossip and there has been nay a peep from their accounts (boo to private accounts). The second thing is that her wedding is next month (March). Someone has *got* to be posting a public hashtag or something…I need to spy and I need information….

If I understood right, that means everything (sans the venue because the venue we chose was a different venue from the nemesis’) was a copy-paste of another person’s exact wedding.  I’m not judging, but simply curious!

With all that supposed money and the silver spoon – you’d just want to copy someone else’s wedding? Eh? Since she is marrying into a European family, maybe it’s the “done thing” where they all copy each other and have the same stuff.

I am just happy, despite the lack of knowledge about my nemesis, that SO and I are good people and we aren’t copying shit from anyone else – our wedding is our unique taste. I don’t get all this keeping up with the Joneses shit…