My Lack of Workplace Snacking & Tips

At this new workplace, I am pretty good with *not* snacking. This workplace doesn’t have evil old hags trying to force feed you chocolate and other kinds of daily “morning tea” junk food…and another thing is I actually have to go outside my office if I want the junk food.

In order to not let myself go overboard with snacking, when I do have something to take to work, I have a few sneaky psychological methods which seem to be working so far:

No Chocolate Sold at the Workplace

It’s a bit of a thing here in Australia, to fundraise for charities and sell boxed chocolates.  At my old workplace, I had very easy access to the chocolate box and it was easier to cave in (when it was chocolate I liked too).

Diary Reminders

I have a reminder in my work diary called ” don’t go to X STORE” – I won’t be overly bothered if I do end up caving, but it’s a reminder to stick to workplace coffee and my snacks brought in from home.

Brushing my Teeth & Mouthwash at Work

I remember reading this tip in a tabloid magazine (Joan Collins) about brushing your teeth to stop overeating. When I was younger (and much skinnier *sigh*) I used to follow this tip religiously. I prefer the Listerine brand because it literally freshens/burns out your mouth and makes extra snacking taste horrible.  I admittedly don’t do this very often at work; but I do have a mini Listerine bottle at my desk ready for action (also great for meetings because no one wants shit breath or stuff in your teeth).

A Big Bag of Nuts

I take a big bag of nuts (different kinds) on payday. That way it will last the duration of my pay schedule and I am not going to be freaking out if I have nothing; nuts preserve really well! When I get really bored in the afternoon or when my boss isn’t looking (because they expect me to be a computer robot for the day) I take a break, check my phone and rest my eyes. Computer work can be hard on my eyes and hurts my neck/shoulders… any break for me is a good break and the new boss can fuck off if they don’t like how I work. Despite being new…I still work harder and produce more output even when I do work much sloooooooower than I used to.  My new boss comes across as a bit of a hot/cold a-hole; so while they had run off with the rest of the team… I was left behind at the office. I was sick of staring at my work computer all day so I ended up being all OCD and spiltting my nuts and dried fruit into little piles. It was fun.