Quitting Booze before the Wedding – Elle’s Health Kick February 2017

After reading an article about a woman who lost weight (when her ex slagged her off) it motivated me (on top of the infamous Australia Day party) to stop drinking before the wedding.

Australian teenage culture is all about the binge drinking – which I’ve done (especially in my early tertiary years) and it was boring and it puts you in situations where you might get in trouble. With this non-drinking, I’m not going total tee total, so I will limit myself to drinking once a month (maybe twice if there is a special occasion). I also love cocktails… and love trying new ones when I go out.

Most people would probably wonder if I was missing out… Australian culture, I think it relies too much on alcohol as a social crutch. Like a vicious cycle, in order to be “cool”, “fun” or “outgoing” you need to drink to excess and any party sessions are adding to your rep. Plus there are mocktails and other options to enjoy.

When I was invited to a Friday work pub lunch, I opted for a non-alcoholic option. I don’t feel like I am missing out with drinking and I certainly don’t want to drink with my co-workers. People do dumb shit when they are drunk (from past experiences of going to hardcore work drinking parties) and then they regret their behaviour. SO is like that and then overreacts when he drinks/feels sorry for himself. Like you have to own up to your drunk behaviour (like I did on Australia Day) or don’t drink.

I have noticed some small changes already and feeling clear in the face, healthier and less bloated – so not feeling pressured into drinking (SO likes his alcoholic drinks on the weekend and probably has a harder time saying no than I do!)