Wedding Food!

Things have been full steam ahead with planning a wedding for the next half of the year!

You have to get in there with bookings now or miss out on your first preferences later! I am sooooooo excited about wedding planning it seems like a blur with January when it was just the ideas phase. We have paid some stuff off; money is being put down and now we have dates set for meeting vendors/ceremony venue.


^ SO the budget bandit and his infamous motto

I love how involved SO is about wedding reception planning. A family member of mine said “oh SO is a man and he hates wedding stuff…”  (and anti male rubbis from time to time) I know he hates the finer detail planning and has tried to budget my hair/makeup (which I am paying for myself) into some “DYI bride” bullshit – not happening FYI – but still he has been more excited than he was last year. Wedding planning can be stressful if you’re not in sync but it’s important to be realistic and not argue over dumb petty shit.

Also not going broke over OTT ideas (usually mine) is a benefit ++++


The main thing for us, because it’s a cultural thing (entertaining) in both our cultures, was good food and a nice place for the reception. Well the wedding budget goal of 5k was blown out of the park within minutes (and also after our guest list increased). Because SO and I both have similar tastes, selecting wedding reception food wasn’t particularly an issue for us.

One thing I didn’t know before wedding planning was minimum spends.

Some places (when they find out you’re doing a wedding) is jack up venue prices where you are forced to spend a certain amount (minimum spend) and/or rent out an entire venue. Originally, I wanted to save money so I could still buy a house this year (haha…it will happen eventually) and not be bankrupted from an OTT wedding – but our venue gave us an ultimatum about customising food/decor unless we bought out the entire venue for the night.


The good news is, with some reception venues like our selection, the guests contribute towards your minimum spend. So either you have lots of guests…or you can have a chronic boozer with a giant spend on their credit card. Imagine a thousand dollar hangover… I’d be shitting myself if I ever was stupid enough to drink thousands of dollars. Our main concern was making sure our guests weren’t eating/drinking us out of house and home…I think 99% of our guests would pay up but there are a few who do like drinking and may not be able to afford what they drinking. Which then could bite us on the ass – or they would try trick the venue to open tab/ on us. To counteract any worse case scenarios (we both feel this way) we are planning the exact cut off times – so while we want our guests to have a good time. If we are feeding tons of people; we will give them a couple of glasses/bottles of whatever they’ll drink before they need to BYO. I’d also have a few words to say if I caught any of our guests trying to scam off me (as would SO).



Remind your dearest lover of your wedding colours…and stick to your guns

SO forgot our wedding colours. Now by wedding colours, I don’t need to be anal retentive but if we are wearing a certain colour like “blue” you would want colours in your decor that match that blue family. So you could do pastel purples, greens and blues because they’re together on the colour chart. You wouldn’t be randomly creating a rainbow fucking mess unless that’s your theme. Our theme is darker colours – which are easily doable for wedding guests (because they have a choice) and also it will make our venue pop – which does have a lot of these colours. The colour scheme I chose were colours we both liked but also helping keep a look…  no hodge podge  or letting SO pick something out like his favourite sporting team colours (which made me quite angry earlier because the colours aren’t wedding colours when together).


Tasting and reception vendor meetings can be super fun!

We like where our reception is (having been there a few times) and we have enjoyed re-tasting the new menus. Yum yum yum yum.

We both want things like a hand selected menu with matching drinks (we are both foodies) and I want to create a custom cocktail for my guests… it is going to be called the Bridezilla (SO picked the name out). I have fun planning the finer tables and I have provided our wish list to the vendor. I don’t think the list is super outrageous but focuses on GOOD FOOOOOOD. SO and I already know what we want to eat for our special meal. We expect our guests to share and be intimate with one another.

We like imaging what we can have in our venue for the night! I want to have some crazy shit to really kick off my theme (I will talk more about the theme after the wedding takes place…) but SO and some of my guests are a bit scared about my ideas. I just want custom things that represent us 🙂