Parrot, Why are you so silly?

It’s a rhetorical question as to why training someone (in my former job) was such a big fucking deal.


If I was training someone in a job I KNEW that didn’t ‘belong’ to mein a job I KNEW that didn’t ‘belong’ to me; I would try and make that person’s life a bit easier.


I wouldn’t go fucking around with training manuals, delaying handover or not answering questions. I am simply not that kind of person (even though I get a bad rep for being a stuck up asshole – because I am SHY / not interested in workplace bullshit). I have a reputation for producing good work and just fucking get on with it.  I would be asking tough questions and not blindly being a follower. It just doesn’t roll with me. I think the Parrot is lazy and still trying to throw me under the bus. Again.Which didn’t work the first three times they tried.

I reckon that Parrot wanted their old job back (I wasn’t fired from doing Parrot’s role I was only doing the job over Christmas as a Christmas hire – so no bitter feelings from my end about Parrot being back in the role) and decided not to tell me much because they thought it would get them back quicker. I don’t even know why Parrot keeps asking me the same dumb shit that I’ve already answered for them.

The good thing is I get less dumb questions because I’ve made my displeasure pretty obvious. Parrot apparently has anxiety problems according to the workplace gossip aka Successor (which could be true but why would you go repeating someone’s medical problems???? makes me wonder what would be said about me!!! ) but it doesn’t excuse stupidity and being a passive aggressive little bitch.


I also feel like Parrot and/or Successor (I need a new nickname for that one maybe Grapevine because they gossip, wear purple a lot and look like a grape?)….Let’s try this again…I feel like Parrot and Grapevine have been talking shit behind my back or at least gossiped about me to other people. I’m new, I’m quiet, I told Grapevine directly in person and via text (my old job required lots of use with my personal phone) that I wasn’t interested in participating in gossip. Ironically, Grapevine claims they were bullied (similar to me – but I don’t go running around talking about my former workplace) by a nasty boss. I don’t know if I can see that. I am reminded of another person who was a huge gossip and constantly cried wolf with the word “bullying”.  Why would you go running around spreading gossip and such if you were bullied before? Isn’t that like becoming a bully? IDK… It’s a bit different having anon thoughts to yourself and being able to blog/diarise/ponder of them without naming/shaming people directly like Grapevine does.


I don’t get their deals. Grapevine used to be super friendly and say hello (obviously I would reply back) – now I don’t even get so much as an acknowledgement. I actually get minimal acknowledgement in my current/new job and people I was professionally friendly with (bar one or two) barely say hello to me. I don’t get why people can’t include me in stuff or be a little more nicer to me. I’m not a workaholic robot; I just want a human conversation. I don’t want drama. I don’t gossip. Any wonder why I am looking to move to another part of the office when I can? Interview season is popping up soon and I’m already putting my name down.


I should also elaborate; I don’t mind being employed by the company. I don’t really have many “bad days” like I used to at my former workplace. The pay is great and the coworkers aren’t psychotic (always a plus). It’s just I feel a little overwhelmed and would like to mingle with a clique/group around my age and I have something in common with. I’d be really good at the higher level work if I actually got to promote myself and try!


So a refresher for me…

  • Parrot = former workplace trainer, being a passive aggressive bitch and trying to throw me under the bus because our shared boss likes/d me and didn’t like them
  • Grapevine = loves a good gossip, was the person who I was supposed to be training for my Christmas job