Elle vs. Summer

Summer has been a real mixed bag this year- probably global warming in action – but it goes hot and then sometimes it rains. I actually love cooler weather so no complaints when summer doesn’t act like a normal summer (fuck you heatwaves!)

Unfortunately I felt so overheated and gross I wasn’t able to work today (I doubt with the lower level job I am currently doing, that I would actually be missed). I ended up waking up feeling horrible and disorientated. Apparently if you sleep poorly and drink really cold water it can mess up your insides for the day? I seriously did not know that. I wasn’t able to eat anything either… One summer trick I like to do is have lots of water during the day. But nothing was keeping today.

As I’ve documented before, summer and I don’t typically get along. Usually I can handle the heat but I can’t handle being over exerted – so you won’t find me weightlifting or running around. My skin hates summer; it usually flares up and goes greasy. I try not to wear makeup at work unless I know I will be doing something important. Being on the computer most of the day means I can wear less formal summer clothing (for work) and no makeup.

At work we are treated to one of the best air con systems I’ve ever working in. I work in a really cool spot and thankfully I talked my way out of working in the worst desk of the office. My new workplace desk is under the air con system (and it converts to a heater when the weather is really cool). Compared to my old workplace, that air con broke down every week or so because the building was old. In my new workplace, I recently discovered the air con room where everyone else goes to have lunch. I usually go somewhere else entirely (outside my office) and Sometimes I even get to sit outside under the shade and enjoy my work lunches (alone 😦 ).