Vendors Adding More Wedding Costs

The 5 thousand budget has gone out the window. Our reception venue won’t allow us customisation without renting the whole place for the night… I thought we circumvented the extra costs by not saying outright it was for a wedding (in some vendor cases) and being picky about what we did splurge on!
Our wedding planning is going pretty well and we are doing things ahead of time. Which helps because SO is more last minute planning and I’d rather forsee things earlier to prevent major problems or oversights. We both have the same idea of paying for our wedding things (in full) before the day – who wants to be fumbling with the wallet on our wedding day, especially with all our international guests and wanting to have fun!
SO’s family gave us some good advice to think on – but at the same time I don’t want to bankrupt myself or drain my bank account or our bank accounts or use our cards for one day. It’s about a healthy balance, not trying to keep up with the Jones and pretend to be this flashy person and just let sycophants come on the day (outside of wanted family/friends) and just drink/eat us out of our wedding budget.
We will work out some creative accounting or live off noodles for a few months. Might work to help lose more weight for the wedding LOL (I am joking…I only like fresh produce when possible)
I am going to blog more about this when the weather isn’t hot, I can think coherently and I can get some proper sleep in this weather.