The Wedding Registry

Part of getting married is getting lots of people ask you about shit you need. SO didn’t want one at first and thought it was tacky to ask for gifts…until we got asked what we wanted.

I had my foot down on this one…we already have our specific tastes and wants. I don’t want some well intentioned family member giving us stuff which isn’t appropriate. Yes… I have a few would-be gift givers in mind – but also having a list (that is reasonably priced) means people can look that registry website and do very minimal things to get us what we need/want.


The registry involves reading some terms and conditions, writing down the registry number, showing where the gifts go (and what day), and then going around the shop scanning items. Because the machines broke, we haven’t got our list or gone scanning yet, but we will do it soon! 🙂

SO commented how painless getting signed up was (and as we have a lot of international guests) and how easy it was for all guests to buy us stuff if they wanted.