Still not gone on the new job (job mismatch)

I’ve been told I am doing my new job very well.

You can do many things very well – but you have to go do something which makes you happy. I enjoy a challenge and doing things I have skills it. Plus I have a brain and can’t stand not being able to engage in critical or intelligent thinking.

But I don’t feel great about the job – the work is repetitive and the team isn’t overly friendly. I wouldn’t say nasty but there is no team vibe – everyone does their own thing. I would prefer to work with no more than 5 people or work with an individual I would get along with well (like my former boss). I don’t see much of my former boss now there is another person doing that role on a longer term basis. It was a great role, but I never saw myself as the “owner” of that role.

My new boss is very hot and cold (and very condescending) at times. They’ve given me a few backhanded insults – oh you’re really great at your job – but your job could be done by anyone. Wow, what a way to welcome someone in the team. I also was promised a career development talk (because all employees get one) and I am the ONLY person to not get one. Which is a load of bullshit because I want to go to a training course and need to ask my new boss for permission to go.

I don’t want to be tolerating much of Big Bird Mark 2. After seeing some favouritism today, I wouldn’t be surprised if my new boss has a family member or friend all eyed up for my current job (which could explain the rude behaviour and definitely would be like Big Bird).  I am the youngest and don’t really get treated like a team member. Definitely some cliquey shit going on in that team… Someone else goes to me “oh you’re just there to sit on the computer”… hmm there’s more to me than sitting on a computer and helping you do your work shit. Let me tell you – I will be looking elsewhere if I continue to remain unhappy and not stimulated in my job. I am already looking at openings within the company and will be buying a book on interviewing and advanced resume writing.

I think I like Parrot better than Trainer – struts around like a parrot, repeats what you say and will do anything for a cracker (adoration in this case at other people’s expense) 😀 I also think trainer is no longer a suitable nickname because that person didn’t train me in the job to do shit.

It was a shame my hard work (which I still got paid for :D) went to waste because the successor won’t be trained by me – who did a better job at writing a training manual and operations guide for her than the parrot did. I wrote up a detailed 40 page guide (for anyone because I didn’t know who was the long-term holder of this job) vs the 5 pages from the parrot. and half assed information I remember saying to my SO on the first days of the (now old) job – that I felt like the parrot was taking over and not teaching me anything.

I hate people who pretend to be all sweetness and light; and they are really fake and just want to throw your ass under the work boss bus. Although they are really dumb and just end up looking stupid themselves. I openly avoided going near the parrot because I didn’t want to repeat myself over some dumb shit.

I had to politely say something last week and I fought for myself. When the parrot was constantly asking me the same question, something they never taught me to do in the job role, and then goes up to the boss and makes a whole bunch of stupid PA comments at me – I had to say “you’ve asked me 3 times this week whether I did this action; you didn’t train me in this area, I have never seen this action before. I cannot help you with creating a response for someone.” In the end I also ended up reattaching ALL the email responses and saying “my answer hasn’t changed from the last time you asked.” And that for me was the end of that. I got the last word and I don’t like fucking repeating myself. Just because the parrot was too fucking lazy to teach me how to do the work – doesn’t mean I’ll change the answer for them. On the good side, I don’t have a parrot on my back for the time being.

I am not a whinger or ungrateful for employment but I need a career progression that suits me. I keep my thoughts to myself and simply do my work. I keep telling myself, if I am not happy, then I am going to bide my time (work my ass off) and look elsewhere.