New Job Role Mismatch

So I’ve recently started my new job role (same company just got moved into a new role)…but the thing is, for my career, this is a serious step backwards.highfiveexpert-1479484854521

^ Work feels

I feel like my soul is crushing every moment I am doing that new job because it’s such an overqualified mismatch. I am not against making money or being employed – but work fulfillment and doing something that is challenging (and involves a brain!) are important to me. Being happy at work (wherever that may be) is important to me.

Plus I like being able to get up, walk, get a drink and use the toilet without being judged by a demanding/mismatched boss.

I ended up getting this job because,long story short, I made a very good impression on my now ex-boss during the Christmas period. We sat down and had a long chat about my future intentions and whether I would like to stay with the company in the future. The company is reputable and very hard to get in employment with… so to be asked to constantly stay for more months is considered rare and that my work ethic hasn’t gone unnoticed.

However, because that company has rules about times of the year they can hire, my ex-boss could only get me a lower paying job and said it was ridiculous that I was being denigrated to really low level work -but also pointed out that it will be a means until I can wait for an opening that matches my work skills.  Internally, I was thinking “you don’t need to tell me to look for a higher level job twice.” I was told that my degrees (both undergrad and postgrad) would match the company if I want to do higher level work…so I can go up and was told I better start selling myself more and looking for those higher level jobs. Management are very interested in my career path and this is soo soo much different (and better) from my old workplace from hell.

Another coworker has been giving me some advice on how to “beat” the employment process with the current company and said I would be an idiot to simply accept the low-paying job – they gave me some books to look at (interview skills).

I was also asked about ways to improve the job – I was pretty positive about the experience but said the training needs to be more reasonable (which is on the trainer who was basically threatened by me and is being a snide bitch). The trainer has been very snide (apparently successor has been swapped out last minute – the boss who helped my sucessor get my old job wants the successor to do some more work for them) and was asked to go back to my old job. It’s not a permanent thing but the trainer is being very pedantic, lazy, constantly parroting over things that we have previously discussed and has an attitude because it’s clear my ex-boss doesn’t like them as much as me. Apparently my ex-boss has a reputation for being a hard-ass and people in the workplace were surprised how well we got along (and how ex-boss never had an attitude with me unlike other workers).

That rapport with my ex-boss is important because not only do I have to “prove” myself (already have but these things are like playing a game), I need a combination of right job, right time and right attitude.

However, things aren’t “right” and there is nothing beneficial from me being in this lower-level job for more than I have to be. he team is OK but the team leader gives me rude tyrant vibes… I am the youngest again (which was identical to the last workplace that won’t be named) and when I said good morning to the boss; that boss looked at me like I grew another head, stared at their watch and ignores me. How rude! That boss also promised me a career development talk – but I doubt that I will get one. I am feeling angry every day doing non-thinking work (that is my level) and being treated like a robot who has to sit at the computer all day.

Unfortunately, I will be biding my time and reading those job books because (due to that previously mentioned entry time for new jobs – I think it’s between every 3-6 months) I need to wait a few weeks before I can internally apply for higher paying/better roles within my company.