Selecting a Wedding Reception (Tips & My Personal Experience)

SO and I have both been busy little bees planning our wedding ❤

We have the venue all locked in, we are just finalising the registry and we are mostly on budget (except our guest list doubled lol…but that’s another story).

Wedding Reception Tips

I will make my tips as short as possible 😀

  1. Try plan your wedding in quiet season (if you like winter like me – then this is usually quiet season) and vendors are more likely to negotiate with you
  2. Preplan the wedding 6 months ahead of time
  3. You have an option (usually) of a whole venue, a room in the venue or even a floor
  4. With our venue (a restaurant) we were able to discuss a custom menu for our price range – this is a little give and take
  5. Ask your vendor if they can have entertainment come to the venue…noise or health regulations can make the best/coolest plans go bust


Our Wedding Reception Experience

SO has been the most excited about this event (like all grooms are) – we decided on a restaurant as we are both foodies. It was only natural the reception HAD to be a foodie friendly place. Winter is my (maybe SO’s too) favourite season – so foodie winter menus are more focused on healthy and traditional meals with some yummy sweet desserts (also usually warm too). We are going to discuss a custom menu because some of the items were not stuff our guests would eat. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy………

I’ve been planning a special entertainment for the reception. I have something that will be so awesome, colourful and fun – the guests won’t know what hit them! Since my wedding will be unplugged (NO CAMERAS EXCEPT THE PROFESSIONAL and ESPECIALLY NO SOCIAL MEDIA) and I mean it! I don’t care who has the camera or smartphone out – I will take that device off them and they can pay attention to the ceremony….

I want something that guests can watch, interact with and gets lots of photos. Unfortunately, I won’t be finding out until tonight whether my choice of entertainment will be allowed into the venue (OSH/local laws).

I am looking forward to the venue’s new menu and also seeing how the reception will look. SO and I thought it would be a great idea to create the guest tables with people who could be good conversation rather than shoving all SO’s or my friends/family on the same table.

This is all coming together and super exciting 😀