Yummy High Tea

Recently a family member and I did high tea! Loved it!

It was both of our time doing the high tea concept. I know it’s not a new concept, but high teas are becoming particularly trendy (and usually a . good way to avoid boozing – something I clearly need to do!) Having a good gossip with perfectly sized food and picking your own teapot is super fun πŸ™‚Β 

I am hoping in time to meet some new friends (currently trying with meetup again….but all I get is yuck old men being inappropriate in private messages towards me). So far meetup has been more blocking conversations than going to a good group day. Because of the inappropriately being hit on (I still got it) – I feel maybe I should stick to lady only groups. SO wasn’t particularly fussed but I would prefer to go out with him to mixed groups.

I’ve decided to make high tea a monthly tradition; it’s nice to spoil a family member who has been helping me out/generally pleasant to me. I understand they have quirks but I am not going to let that grind on me and will call out any unnecessary comments.

We both loved the high tea concept so much, that we will be doing it again very soon πŸ˜€