Neighbours & Karma

My semi-recent blogging about the neighbours from hell.

This Australia Day week, they have been causing trouble and created damage (throwing things at cars on the street, they’ve been screaming out for ages, throwing stuff at houses and running around like they own the place. Unfortunately they got caught a few times in the act by the police.

A person of right intelligence wouldn’t be out in broad daylight doing what my neighbours are doing. HELLO IDIOTS! I don’t have much hope for them in terms of intelligence, EQ, IQ or anything. A pet dog would learn not to piss on the carpet or shit on the carpet quicker than these idiots will learn to be members of society. These idiots are scrapping the bottom of the barrel in terms of acceptable behaviour.

How stupid do you get?

I know we’re not dealing with some criminal masterminds…but why would you repeatedly do the SAME shit when you’ve already been cautioned by the cops more than once? Obviously their brains haven’t developed like the rest of us.

They’ve been throwing stuff at our house, they’ve been running around our front yard and they’ve been calling out “cunt” and “slut” to me. When we’ve attempted to deal with them as reasonable (well they aren’t fucking reasonable so it wasn’t an even playing field) people – they pretend to hide and act like they aren’t home to avoid confrontation. The cops have the hide and seek cut out for them. Everyyyyyyyyyyy single time a pissed off neighbour or cop comes over to confront them – they fucking hide.

SO has them a bit scared – we went over there during a 4am party and they shit themselves. SO was not rude or threatening – told them the music goes off.  With the Australia Day rubbish coming from the asshole neighbours…SO told them to shut the fuck up (he took nearly a year to snap back at them) they were shocked.

We were sitting here, sweltering in the heat today, when the police knocked on our door. Usually I’ve dealt with pissed off neighbours but a cop was standing there and had SEEN THEM in the act. There were 3 witnesses who also happened to be driving around seeing the culprit/s in action. SO and I had considered going to confront them but someone obviously did the good neighbourly deed before we did. I was so pissed off with their bullshit (calling out/screaming in the middle of the day) I didn’t just tell the cop what happened, I showed the damage to our area (minor but you could tell what caused the damage), where the problem was and their good mates who lived down the road (who fuel off the neighbours’ bad behaviours and often run around with them being abusive).

This time their landlord (who is a real piece of work from my personal dealings with him) is going to have to deal with this problem. From letting all sorts of unsavouries rent out the property – the police have been a semi regular appearance last year. Domestic violence, drugs/alcohol comedowns, loud music at 4-6am in the morning and screaming all times of the day…. like come on! Someone actually has to deal with this problem.

The neighbours can hide but they will have to come out eventually. 

On our part, SO and I are sick of a peaceful area being destructive and detrimental – so we are planning on moving. “Cunts are cunts – they need to be dealt with accordingly…” as SO said.

“Problems or successes, they all are the results of our own actions. Karma. The philosophy of action is that no one else is the giver of peace or happiness. One’s own karma, one’s own actions are responsible to come to bring either happiness or success or whatever.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Karma exists for ALL of us. Just saying.